San Antonio and Florida Made for an Xtreme Weekend

Last weekend I got to feel like a real rodeo cowboy (and never had to crawl down in the chute.)

As I’ve stated before in the blog, I do some freelance television work for the PRCA?s Xtreme Bulls on Great American Country and some of the tour rodeos on the Wrangler Million Dollar Tour. My job is to help coordinate features and interviews and help the sideline reporter.

Over the weekend there were two Xtreme Bulls events and a Wrangler Million Dollar Tour Stop.

My wild ride started in San Antonio. I arrived Friday afternoon and the next day they hosted a great Xtreme Bulls (that Cody Whitney won with a great 92.5-point ride). We started our day at the arena around 9 a.m., getting interviews and setting up. After that performance was over, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and began doing interviews for the San Antonio short-go, which is the highest-paying stop on the Wrangler Million Dollar Tour. Had a chance to visit with Patrick Smith and he gave a great interview. Look for it on the InCountry broadcast.

Then the rodeo got cranking and we were able to see Kaycee Feild set an arena record with a 93-point ride. Then, I talked to Chad Masters and Jade Corkill extensively once they won the team roping and $15,000. That article will be in our April issue of Spin To Win Rodeo?there’s some cool stuff there. Also visited with Cody Ohl after he won the tie-down. As soon as our gear was packed, we jumped in the rental car and drove to Houston.

We were due to fly out the next morning to Florida for the second Xtreme Bulls of the weekend. The Seminole Tribe is the tour?s biggest sponsor and they held their Xbulls event as part of the Brighton Field Days Rodeo.

We arrived in Houston about 2:30 a.m., woke up about 5:30 a.m., drove to the airport and boarded a plane with 35 bull riders. We touched down in Fort Lauderdale about 10:30, got aboard a charter bus and drove the two hours to the Seminole Reservation near Brighton. There was about an hour-and-a-half to spare before they bucked the first bull.

We scrambled around, got set up and the show went great. Shawn Hogg won it with an 87.5 and the stands were full. We broke down our gear, had a great dinner provided by a local church and then loaded up on the bus with 35 sweaty bull riders and drove to Fort Lauderdale.

On the way, we stopped at a convenience store where Clayton Williams bought a can of cat food and some sardines. After about an hour and a half of bull rider posturing and upping of the ante, D.J. Domangue drank a cat food/sardine/Gatorade cocktail for $450. He only threw up a little.

I was on the first flight out the next morning, flew from Fort Lauderdale to Charlotte and Charlotte to Denver, arriving home around 3 p.m.

I’d never been so tired. Slept like a baby that night and counted my blessings that I was not a rodeo cowboy and just reported on their lives.

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