Texas On Fire: CNN Profiles Ranchers

All my family is from Texas. Before I was born, my mom and dad left the state for Colorado, where I was born, raised and live still.

However, I’ve got lots of contacts in the Lone Star State still. The wildfires have been taking a toll on family, friends and neighbors. My great-uncle Buster?s ranch was nearly completely lost.

My mother?s family ranch is north of Strawn, Texas, lost about 1/3 of its grassland and fences, but no livestock thanks to the actions of capable ranch manager Robert Langford. Our neighbors, the Cormack family, did not fare so well. Their entire ranch burned?the buildings were saved?and they lost a considerable amount of stock. Their story is featured on CNN. Justin, the cowboy featured most in the piece, is married to my cousin. The Cormacks are a good family and have been through many struggles lately. But they?re smart, hard working and embody the best connotations of the word, ?Cowboy.?

We certainly wish them well.


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