Wrangler in Sports Illustrated

I’m a sports fan. I don’t know how long it’s been (at least 15 years) I’ve subscribed to Sports Illustrated. Over the past 10 years or so, one of their photographers, Darren Carroll, has come to the Wrangler NFR and his shots are often featured in the ?Leading Off? section. They’ll also occasionally run a shot from Cheyenne Frontier Days. I don’t think they’ve ever run a feature article on the sport.

Still, I enjoy the magazine. The writing, the design, the photography and the pacing. And I steal ideas.

At any rate, I was flipping through this latest issue and on page 73, there’s Trevor Brazile. Wrangler bought an ad with him roping at the NFR (it’s from 2009, but whatever) and the text says, ?In rodeo, you don’t ask for your favorite number. You earn it. Wrangler congratulates Trevor Brazile on his record 8thAll-Around World Championship.?

So this blog is a shout out to Wrangler for taking rodeo mainstream in its advertising. it’s too bad that the magazine hasn?t done a feature on the sport in recent times, but it’s great to see images from a sport I love in their pages.

On a related note, Wrangler hosted its annual party to cap off the Denver Western and English Market show. Market is a huge event behind the scenes of the horse/western world and Wrangler, obviously is a driving force in that world.

Anyway, I didn’t make it, but Spin To Win Rodeo designer, Trisha Miller was in attendance and she made the Wrangler?s Facebook page on video. She and another Active Interest Media employee were visiting with Steston Vest and Stran Smith when the Wrangler social media marketing people caught them on video. Smith gives a shout out for Wrangler and Trisha is the taller gal standing next to him. SHe’s the brains behind the beauty and design of Spin To Win Rodeo.

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