Wrangler NFR Round 1-First Impressions

So it’s hard to draw many conclusions from the first round, so let’s just go with a few first impressions:
Team Roping:
Matt Sherwood owns the Thomas and Mack. He’s been here twice and won the world twice. In his third trip he and Cory Petska win round one. If Nick keeps working good, I think they’ll be a huge threat.

If Clay and Travis rope 9 more like the one they just did, they’ll win it.

I’m still not sure how Cesar slipped that leg.

Jag (the buckskin horse) held up for Tuf, but Cody Ohl seems like he smells blood in the water with Tuf’s top mount, the roan mare, out with injury. That guy has now won 44 rounds at the NFR. Amazing. It’s very possible he could win the world again.

Steer Wrestling:
Clear as mud. Although my pick, Jason Miller did win the round.

Barrel Racing:
How appropriate is it that Lindsay and Brittany tied? It’s going to be a battle between them and Sherry Cervi all week.

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