Gonzales and Bowen Split $13K at The Cowgirl Gathering’s #9.5 All-Girl Team Roping
Kelly Jo Gonzales and Jessica Bowen took home $13,020 after winning The Cowgirl Gathering’s #9.5 All-Girl Team Roping in Fort Worth, Texas.

Kelly Jo Gonzales and Jessica Bowen closed the curtain on The Cowgirl Gathering’s inaugural team roping events on Nov. 13, 2020, after catching their short round steer in 6.52 seconds at high team back, making them a total of 19.81 seconds on three head, worth $13,020, plus another $600 for winning the round one fast time with a 6.88-second run.

“I wasn’t planning on changing anything,” said Gonzales, who resides in Lufkin, Texas. “I turned two that we were 6’s on, and that’s what I was planning on doing again because I knew Jessica would be there. Me and Jessica always seem to rope pretty good together. I feel like we just get each other.”

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Gonzales threw her rope on her third swing out of the heading box and pulled the Hill Cattle Company paint steer right into Bowen’s loop for a clean heel shot.

“She just puts them in front of me and I just try to clean it up,” said Bowen, who resides in Cleveland, Texas. “She just drug him in there.”

Gonzales headed on a 12-year-old roan horse she calls Gambler, who she’s owned since the horse was a yearling.

“He’s my saving grace,” she said. “I wouldn’t be here without him. This is probably the smallest [arena] and biggest event he’s been to, so I was surprised that he handled it so well—getting bunched up in the fence because of the arena being so small. He’s super calm and just goes with it and doesn’t get in a tizzy over anything.”

Bowen’s little heel horse, Hollywood, 16, set her up for quick shots throughout the entire roping, which made her job easy.

“He’s just a little horse that I raised. I’ve worked with him from the ground up and he just gets it done. He’s always right in his spot. You don’t miss much on him. He makes it easy.”

The $13,020 win is significant for Gonzales, who knows exactly what her check will go toward.

“It’s going to do major things for me,” Gonzales said. “I’ll get caught up on some bills and take care of my kids.” TRJ

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Full Results:

  1. Kelly Jo Gonzales and Jessica Bowen, 19.81 seconds on three head, worth $13,020
  2. Lorraine Moreno and Kaitlyn Torres, 23.34 seconds on three head, worth $8,910
  3. Leah Magnus and Jillian Murray, 24.87 seconds on three head, worth $6,740
  4. Tate Bailey and Jenna Dallyn, 28.29 seconds on three head, worth $5,000
  5. Bailey Bates and Jessica Bowen, 28.53 seconds on three head, worth $3,700
  6. Laura Mote and Katie Thompson, 30.78 seconds on three head, worth $2,840 
  7. Rebecca Kropik and Shelah Bell, 32.19 seconds on three head, worth $1,970

Round 1 Fast Time:

  1. Kelly Jo Gonzales and Jessica Bowen, 6.88 seconds, worth $600

Short Go Fast Time:

  1. Courtney Sanders and Martha Lynn Walters, 15.39 seconds, worth $600

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