The 1017 Project Donates 40,000 Pounds of Beef to Oregon Food Bank
An update from The 1017 Project on their most successful drive to battle food insecurity with roped-out steers.

Central Oregon cattle nonprofit donates the equivalent of 120,000 protein servings for families experiencing food insecurity.

Portland, OR: In June, The 1017 Project donated 40,000 pounds of fresh ground beef to the Oregon Food Bank, marking a milestone delivery for the 501c3 non-profit based out of Powell Butte, Oregon. Since 2014, over 100 tons of protein have been donated to food banks and shelters primarily serving counties in Central Oregon.

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When it became clear that COVID-19 was going to deeply affect food-insecure families, The 1017 Project immediately increased their cattle donations to food banks, shelters, and religious organizations by 166%. In addition, the Project expanded their efforts to Texas, Arizona, and Montana, and is partnering with additional USDA-certified processors to feed our most vulnerable citizens.

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According to a recent report from Oregon State University’s Policy Analysis Laboratory and estimates from Feeding America, nearly 1 in 5 Oregonians are food insecure—the worst hunger seen in the state in more than a century. Recovery from the pandemic’s economic disruption is expected to take three to five years. In the past year, because of the pandemic, the entire food system has been disrupted, affecting many of the partners that would normally make donations of food to hunger relief organizations.

Despite the challenges facing the food system, 1017 beef has become a reliable staple in food banks and shelters. “Our clients are used to being last in line for just about everything in their lives, including food. The 1017 Project, instead, puts our clients first by using premium cuts from the entire cow that comes fresh from the butcher to our food pantry,” said Jordan Reeher, Food Bank Partner and Program Specialist with Neighbor Impact.

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“We raise and supply fresh beef to over 40 food banks and shelters in a 7,000 square mile area of Central Oregon,” The 1017 Project Founder and Executive Director, Jordan Weaver, said. “The opportunity to partner with Oregon Food Bank allowed us to reach cities outside of our usual service area, ensuring more Oregon families have access to high-quality needed protein.”

About The 1017 Project: Based in Powell Butte, Oregon, The 1017 Project is a nonprofit partnering with fellow nonprofits across the state to support Oregonians facing food insecurity by providing high-quality protein. The unique business model of The 1017 Project has positioned the organization for long-term sustainability and growth, and program expansion requires an increase in individual and corporate fiscal partnerships.

Financial support and donations of physical goods – including cattle, hay, and pasture – are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Tax deduction receipts are issued to all donors. To learn more and to support the Project’s efforts to fight food insecurity, visit

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