Arizona’s Hershberger and Dunning Split $16,500 for Hooey Junior BFI #10.5 Win
Gavin Hershberger strikes and Denton Dunning won the Hooey Junior BFI #10.5 by a cool three seconds Saturday, June 20, 2020 in Guthrie's Lazy E Arena.

Arizona’s Gavin Hershberger and Denton Dunning won the Hooey Junior BFI #10.5, splitting $16,500 for their time of 29.85 seconds on four head. 

Hershberger and Dunning celebrate with BFI owners Corky Ullman and Daren Peterson as well as Cactus Ropes’ Katie Rice (center). Olie’s Images

They turned around and placed fourth in the Open, as well, to earn $25,750 on the day. In the #10.5, they were the high-call team and needed an 11-second run to move into first. They were smooth in 8.25 to win the roping by more than three seconds.

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“I just got this brown horse,” said Hershberger, whose family bought the gelding this year at their sale from seven-time world champion Jake Barnes. “I love him. He scores really well and runs hard. He’s easy to ride.”

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Cactus Saddlery



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Dunning celebrates Saturday afternoon in Guthrie after clinching the Hooey Junior BFI #10.5 title. Olie’s Images

Gavin’s total haul on Saturday was $10,225, since he also earned go-round money with his brother, Garrett. The latter brother, meanwhile, also placed fourth in the #10.5 roping with Luke Gee to earn $4,350. TRJ

Complete Results from the Hooey Junior BFI #10.5:

First Round: 1. Gavin Hershberger and Denton Dunning, 6.42 seconds, $2,100; 2. Bladen Reno and Regan Wheatley, 711, $1,400; 3. Luke Gee and Garrett Hershberger, 7.36, $700; Second Round: 1. Gavin Hershberger and Garrett Hershberger, 6.93 seconds, $2,100; 2. Landon Cook and George Chambers, 6.99, $1,400; 3. Rance Winters and Gavin Cardoza, 7.52, $700; Third Round: 1. Cooper Browne and Jayden Cisneros, 6.56 seconds, $2,100; 2. Trey Hughes and Hayden Sanders, 6.92, $1,400; 3. Luke Dubois and Ty Aymond, 7.16, $700; Short Round: 1. Tristin Brooks and Tyler Tryan, 7.04 seconds, $1,400;Average: 1. Gavin Hershberger and Denton Dunning, 29.85 seconds on four, $16,250; 2. Chase Sandstrom and Cade Sandstrom, 33.19, $11,330; 3. Cooper Young and Shye Pate, 40.78, $8,380; 4. Luke Gee and Garrett Hershberger, 41.23, $5,900; 5. Quincy Reeves and Zane Compton, 42.84, $4,420; 6. Luke Dubois and Ty Aymond, 47.44, $3,000.

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