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Enterprise, Utah’s Blake Bowler and Logandale, Nevada’s Jory Levy showed up to rope at their first-ever Ariat World Series of Team Roping Title Fights XI at Rancho Rio in Wickenburg, Arizona, on Feb. 11, 2021.

Bowler, 17, and Levy, 45, came into the short round at high team back in the Ariat WSTR Title Fights XI #14.5 and secured the average win after roping their fourth steer in 7.79 seconds, making them a total of 30.60 seconds on four head, worth $29,660.

“We’ve been close a few times, so it’s kind of nice to put a bow on it this time at a great one,” Levy said. “It’s a great arena and great steers. It’s the best roping of anywhere you can go. We’ve been on the doorstep a few times and it’s been a little frustrating, but we stayed hooked and here we are—a perfect day down here in wonderful Wickenburg.”

Bowler didn’t waste any time getting their fourth steer caught and turned for Levy. The black and white paint steer whipped to the right in his handle.

“My handle on the fourth one wasn’t the best, but that’s why I have Jory behind me,” Bowler said. “I knew when I got it on the horns, he was going to get him roped.”

Levy wasn’t scared of a small whip as he was ready to fire his heel rope for the win.

“My mouth was sure watering,” Levy said. “I’m glad to see what I saw. He did a great job of putting them right in my loop.”

Bowler tapped his veteran blaze-faced, sorrel gelding, Doc, 23, an own son of Frenchmans Guy, out of Rocket Wrangler, to help him get steers turned.

“My grandpa bought him as a yearling,” Bowler said. “They wanted to run barrels on him, and he never worked so I guess he finally found his calling. We started roping on him when he was about 10. He honestly didn’t get very good until he was 20. Now he’s old and he’s working.”

Levy rode a 6-year-old sorrel gelding that he owns with his brother-in-law Randon Adams, the 2008 World Champion Heeler.

“We’re older and we’ve got families now, and we rope when we can,” Levy said. “This horse just takes care of us.”

To make this win a sweeter feat, Bowler placed second with, St. George, Utah’s Cody Hall with a time of 32.32 seconds on four head, worth $22,920. Bowler rode out of the Rancho Rio arena with $26,290 won.

“The game plan worked,” Bowler said. 

Full Results

  1. Blake Bowler and Jory M. Levy, 30.60 seconds on four head, worth $29,660
  2. Blake Bowler and Cody Hall, 31.32 seconds on four head, worth $22,920
  3. Wade Monnens and Brooks Dahozy, 32.01 seconds on four head, worth $16,180
  4. Chance Oftedahl and Wyatt Kanan, 32.11 seconds on four head, worth $12,140
  5. Layton Oswald and Andy Holcomb, 32.68 seconds on four head, worth $10,790
  6. Rusty Rich and Jason Warner, 33.16 seconds on four head, worth $9,440
  7. Glen Crane and Tommy A. Crane, 33.92 seconds on four head, worth $8,090
  8. Rory Phelan and Coley Nicholls, 33.95 seconds on four head, worth $6,740
  9. Kenzie Kelton and Tee McLeod, 34.14 seconds on four head, worth $5,400
  10. Michael Benavides and Brandon Muniz, 34.27 seconds on four head, worth $5,400
  11. Chase Mitchell and Pake Younger, 34.48 seconds on four head, worth $4,040
  12. Wyatt Bourdet and Dalton Pearce, 34.79 seconds on four head, worth $4,040

Short-Go Fast Time

  1. Trey Begay and Dean Raine, 8.38-second run, worth $1,000