Broken Bow, Oklahoma's Britt Smith, 19, the youngest of the three Smith brothers (including two-time World Champion Header Clay Smith and middle brother Jake Smith who is heeling for Britt, continues to lead the Resistol Rookie Heading race and is 35th in the PRCA world standings with $14,010.06 in PRCA earnings.

“The rookie race is a one-chance opportunity that everyone gets and it would definitely be great to win that, but the main goal is to make the NFR," Britt said. "If I win the Rookie deal then that’s just a bonus.”

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Britt and Jake Smith tied Levi Simpson and Shay Carroll for second at the Parker County Sheriffs Posse Frontier Days And PRCA Rodeo in Weatherford, Texas with a 4.3-second run, worth $3,158 a man. They also earned $85 a man after tying Manny Egusquiza and Coleby Payne for sixth at the Mesquite (Texas) Championship Rodeo with a 5.8-second run.

“I knew that we had a good steer and I was towards the end, and I knew that if I turned him we were going to do good," Britt said about their run in Weatherford. "It all worked out. It was kind of nice to end on that one because we were going to head home.”

The Smith Family Name Game

The young header has been roping on his number-one head horse, Smokin Reward Reno.

"I’ve got a 11-year-old gray I call Casper," Britt said. "I’ve rode him at all the rodeos this year. He’s my number-one. My first, second and third string are all grays." 

Britt Smith's Casper


Britt and Jake plan to enter as many rodeos as they can, and are counting runs that they normally wouldn't with hopes of finishing the season in the top 15 of the PRCA world standings. 

“We’ve been trying to get to as many rodeos that we can with them canceling a bunch of them," Britt said. "Rodeos that we usually wouldn’t count because they’re smaller, we’re counting now because I don’t think we’re going to be able to get to enough of them. We’re counting everything. We just try to do the best we can at all of them. Nobody has a better advantage. Everybody is doing the same stuff so we’re just trying to get to as many as we can and do the best."

Being the youngest of the Smith boys could put some pressure on Britt, but he's using his spot as the baby in the family to his advantage. 

“You can take it as pressure or I try to take it as learning from them—learn from what they’ve done wrong or what they’ve done good," Britt said. "I try to learn and do better from that. There hasn’t really been pressure. Ever since we were little practicing and going to Vegas for the dummy roping we’ve had pressure put on us for so long. I wouldn’t say I would get very nervous or anything like that.”

Resistol Rookie Heading Standings: 

1. Britt Smith, $14,010.06

2. Tanner Tomlinson, $9,697.51

3. Lathen Bryant, $5,119.72

4. Ryan Pope, $3,962.32

5. Whit Harper, $2,891.67

6. Kade Smith, $2,479.30

7. Jaxson Tucker, $2,321.80

8. Coy Rahlmann, $2,268.42

9. Zane Murphy, $1,799.53

10. Ric LeBlanc, $1,017.43