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Hello again from the drivers seat! Oh what a busy time we have had lately. Rodeo Houston was awesome and exciting for my first trip. I have never been anywhere that I can compare to this place for as many rodeo’s that we go to first class is the standard here. The set up and structure of Houston is different than most rodeos that we will travel to throughout the year. The rodeo is divided into series and in each series there are 8 competitors in each event. Every night they have a rodeo and that night 4 places are paid. These series are 3 go rounds so 3 days in a row you compete and after the 3rd night an average is paid. Coming out of each series 4 cowboys or cowgirls will advance to the Semi-finals and their are two semi-finals so total 16 will compete for 10 spots in the finals. Each night of the 2 semi-finals 4 move forward and what is left will compete in a wild card round the night before the finals for 2 more to get in. Honestly it is all very confusing but at the end of the day it is a great system. (Erich Rogers and Cory Petska won the team roping this year, with Scott Kormos winning the tie-down.)

Beyond the rodeos that we attend there are always other events as well. We also went to the George Strait in San Antonio, which is a team roper’s must-see when it comes to events. With over 600 teams competing in the 2-day event you can see the very best in the world matched up against your backyard buddies and anyone else who has a dream of winning one of the richest ropings in the country. It is open to the world so if you truly think you have a chance to win you are welcome to enter but let me just advise you the best of the best are there and you had better be on your game because they work everyday to rope for that kind of payoff. It was great watching with the caliber of horses and ropers there and some well known guys fell short of the final round and some up and coming guys had their day and had a chance to come out and prove them selves. I want to congratulate Matt Sherwood and Clint Summers at the end of the day they stamped their name beside so many other great ropers as champions of the “Strait”.

We were home for a couple of days following the roping in San Antonio and with that time we prepared for a return trip to Houston. Where we will be competing in the second semifinals on Thursday night.

Another part of our time spent at home as always is practice. I have been learning so much that there are days when it is simply overwhelming. Although it seems to me that it is getting easier and I am starting to put things together and I feel like just around the coroner is improvement. As recreational or hobby roping you are not prepared or even aware of the level of dedication and work that it takes to become capable of providing for your family riding a horse and swinging a rope. It is a dream that takes hours and hours of blood sweat and tears, and when you think you have given it all you can you need to dig down inside and find just a little more and that is the difference between making it and not. Next thing coming in our near future is a month long trip to California for the rodeos out there along with many jackpots we are slowly working our way into the summer run of full time everyday rodeo. I am truly excited about that trip I enjoy the time in the sun and how the structure of rodeo goes out there it will be a great trip with good friends. As always I enjoy feedback to know if anybody is actually reading so let me know how I am doing and what parts of life on the road intrest you. Feel free to email at joshschley80@gmail.com and until next time I hope you have enjoyed your time in the Drivers Seat and I wish you good roping and Gods blessings.

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