New Year, New View
Heading to Denver

Hello and Happy New Year! Once again I want to welcome you to the Drivers Seat. It has been a hectic whirl wind since last I wrote. As you all know I went to the NFR and experienced 10 days of crazy and intense fun and work. I made it through that for the first time with no major roadblocks or hiccups. At the end of the day that rodeo is just another rodeo, it only carries more importance and prestige. I am thankful for getting to see behind the scenes and getting an idea of what it takes to accomplish the machine that is the NFR. You all know that Trevor had a successful week out there, by clenching his 19th World Championship, which happened to be his 11th all-around title. Getting to be a part of that was pretty great and I am truly blessed that I have been given the chance to be around the world of rodeo and the very best of the best who do it.

After the NFR I went home to KS to begin the process of packing and moving my family to Decatur, TX. It goes without saying but I will say it any how that process was made easier by my wife and friends and family who did the majority of the heavy lifting while I was in Vegas. I spent christmas at home in KS and then loaded up and went back to TX to keep the horses going while Trevor and his family enjoyed some much needed time off skiing. Then on New Years I hustled home to KS, loaded the trailer with all our belongings and moved them and my family to TX on New Year’s Eve where we officially became Texas residents.

With the New Year came many new and exciting opportunities. New job new home new town new school and new horizons all I can say is that God is great and he has given this family every blessing. Once we arrived in TX the work of setting up home and house fell to Jen as Trevor and I were off to the Circuit Finals for the TX circuit. It seems that as many people think rodeo has a down time when actually it does not. The new season starts over right away and you line up and head back out to try again. We were in Waco for the circuit finals from Thursday Jan 2 until Saturday Jan 4. Then back home for a week to get ready for the first building rodeo of the year, Odessa, TX. The week at home was nice. I get to saddle and ride some of the very best horses in the PRCA every day. A typical day consist of saddling in the morning and putting horses on the walker and as the time arrives riding and exercising each one before they go back to the stall. During all of that, practice is thrown in there some where. I try to keep the head horses ready so that at any given time Trevor can come out and ride them and get his tune up for the day. I would be lying if I didn’t say that is my favorite part of the day. Because if his partner is not there to practice, then I get the job of pulling the pipes for him and there is nothing bad about that. Being around him and his work ethic makes me want to not only try harder but be better and I really can’t imagine how far I will go if I give myself a role model that has accomplished so much.

We have been so busy that I have not had time to stop and take it all in. Among all the riding and practice we have other duties and responsibilities. There is alway a horse that is going to the vet or the aqua tread or the horse shoer is coming or someone is here to try a horse or show a horse–there truly is never a dull moment. Friday the 17th we loaded up and headed out to Denver for the first two go’s of the TR and TD and barrel racing. We will be in Denver until after the second go and then head home over night so we can catch the playoff games on Sunday. Then it sounds like a week of practice at home with the exception of TD slack wednesday morning in Fort Worth. As the new season is just getting fired up it seems like there is always something going on or something to do. Every day is an opportunity to get better or make progress toward your goals.

When we look ahead there are many events on the calendar for Feb. and March with Houston Stock Show and Rodeo, the San Antonio and San Angelo rodeos along with the Rapid City Stock Show also Rapid City Champions Challenge and Scottsdale Champions Challenge. The next few weeks will be full of travel and trial with a busy schedule. Moving forward I realize that I will have to write more often as with so much time in between I feel like the details get lost in the mix of trying to get everything mentioned. For now as I sit here in Denver and await the afternoon performance I am excited abut what lies ahead of me. So until next time I wish you good roping and God’s blessings and this has been your View from the Drivers Seat.

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