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The Ariat World Series of Team Roping will produce the 2020 Title Fights of the Heartland at the Circle T Arena in Hamilton, Texas, Oct. 23 through 25—bringing Texans a taste of the Title Fight-format proven wildly successful in Arizona each February.

“This is going to be a killer roping,” WSTR President Ty Yost said. “We’ve had a call for this format in Texas, but we’ve never had one until now. The $300-per-roper fees, with the two Heart-land Finales thrown in, will really make this a huge payday for ropers.”

Hamilton’s Circle T Arena hosts some of the association’s leading qualifiers throughout the year, and has two arenas, a restaurant, stalls and hotel amenities on-site to maximize convenience over the three-day weekend.

“With a Gold Buckle Beer Open qualifier at $300 a roper, enter twice, this should give those ropers a great jackpot to hit in the middle of the fall when they’re home from the rodeos,” Yost said.

The Short Score: February 18, 2020 with Open Title Fights Champions Rogers and Minor 

The qualifier will offer a brand new, #9.5 Over 40 Heartland Finale with its $500-per-roper fee and Cactus Saddles and Gist Buckles to the winners. The format—extremely popular in other parts of the country—will give ropers 40 years and older a chance at a roping designed specifically for them, with its roper-friendly setup and cattle.

“We want to try that #9.5 Heartland in Texas,” Yost said. “The over-40 ropers are our association’s best supporters, who love to rope for good money in great arenas with even cattle. This is an extension of our dedication to them, as a thank you for their support throughout the sport’s history.”

Ropers must have a Key Card or Ariat World Series of Team Roping card to enter, and Global Handicaps numbers will be used.

For more information about the event, visit or call (505) 898-1755.