Jason DeVore: Header, Heeler, Horse Trainer

Number and end: #8 Heeler and #6 Header, Fort Lupton, Colo.

Association of Preference: World Series of Team Roping

Rope of Choice: Lonestar Ropes, I’ve been using the Inferno heeling and the Titan heading.

Biggest Win: I won the Donnie Waters Invitational in Fallon, Nev., in 2008. I was heeling, and I think I won $9,500.

Best Horse You Ever Rode: I had a roan horse called Roany. I started him when he was four and trained him myself. I won about 15 saddles, a house full of buckles and a lot of money on him. I started riding him in 1998 and I just retired him two years ago, he’s 21. I had to retire him so I could get some of my other horses finished.

Competition Philosophy: One steer at a time. That’s the biggest deal, that and not over thinking stuff. On my good horses, I just try to keep them in shape. When I do rope steers, I don’t rope very quick, I just go down the pen and keep them sharp so that they’re not short and they give me a good shot all the time. For myself, I rope the sawhorse and the dummy.

Favorite Roping: The #13 World Series Finale in Las Vegas is great because of the money. I like the World Series ropings because there’s not 500 rotations, you can go over there, rope, be done, go home and spend time with the family. Plus, my wife can rope at the end of them, they always have add-on ropings. At home, I always go to the Wednesday night ropings at Spicer’s Arena in Eaton, Colo. They’re a good run, they’re fun, it’s close to home and it keeps you sharp.

Why You Rope: I love to rope. I’ve rode horses most my life and been training horses since I was about 16. I love the competition and I love to rope.

What are the differences you see in heading and heeling? I guess I’ve always liked heeling better, it’s more of a challenge I think. The older I get, heading’s becoming more of a challenge somehow. I don’t head a whole lot, so I get nervous every now and then, where I don’t get as nervous heeling anymore.

Real Job: I work for Sureshot Drilling, Shane O’Hotto, I’ve been running a drill for him for about seven years.

Claim to Fame: My claim to fame was probably my roan horse. He taught me more than I ever taught him. A lot of people don’t understand that. Plus, the people who have helped me have also been my claim to fame, my mom, Kathy, my brother Ron, my grandma, Virginia, and my wife, Stacie, more than all of them.

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