Meet 5-Plus Heeler Dan Narramore

Number and end: They just lowered me to a 5 Plus and I heel. I was a 6 before.

Do You Tie-On? Yes, I do anymore.

Association of Preference😕World Series of Team Roping

Rope of Choice: I use a medium soft anymore. I use the Spyder and also the one Allen Bach endorses, the Smart Ropes.

Biggest Win:Pete Woolsey and I in Las Vegas split $90,000 in the No. 10 in 2010 at the World Series.

Best Horse You Ever Rode: The best horse I ever rode is the one I have now. He’s a horse that I got out of Stephenville. He’s about 12 years old and I still have him. He’s a real good one. I call him Rooster.

Favorite Roping: The finals of the World Series in Las Vegas. The last half-dozen years it’s been the best one.

Why You Rope: I was in my play australian pokies online first roping when I was 8 years old?that was a lot of years ago. I was raised on a ranch/farm of my dad’s and it’s just something you do and I just kept it up. Eventually, the addiction takes over and you don’t have a choice.

Competition Philosophy: I would say my approach is to be in the moment. I’m not trying to rope against someone or trying to avoid mistakes. I’m just trying to be there and be focused and concentrate and just do the best I can. If it doesn’t work, so be it.

Real Job: I was a farmer, I guess, in Palo Verde, Ariz. I had some cows, too. I lease a feedyard out and I have a son-in-law that helps me with my farming anymore. I help out a little bit. I’m not very necessary, but I’m still there. Palo Verde is just a wide spot. It used to be a school and a store, but now only the school is still going. It’s not even a town anymore, but my granddad started it.

Claim to Fame: I don’t have one of those. I think for anyone to rope as long as I have, you have to have a lot of good fortune not to get hurt any worse than I have and you have to be able to heal up. I have no claim to fame, for crying out loud.

What’s it Mean to Be So Competitive At Your Age? This may sound silly, but I’ve been a person who tries to stay in physical shape ever since I was about 14 years old. I’ll be 75 in March. I’ve lifted weights forever. It’s a matter of all the self-discipline I can muster, which isn’t much sometimes.

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