A New Calf Rope From the Rope Shop

The Rope Shop is introducing a new calf rope, the SYNGRASS Synthetic Manila tie-down rope. According to the makers, SYNGRASS has that old-time Manila feel and performance in a modern engineered synthetic rope with less stretch than any rope on the market.

“All the polygrass is made in Portugal,” said Byron Duffin with The Rope Shop. “They changed manufacturers there and we had a lot of subpar product. Everybody complained about it and about 30-40 percent was unusable.”

Then, not only was the product poor in quality, it was becoming harder and harder to come by.

“We’ve been told there are no samples and nothing on order,” Duffin said.

Because there is little market for it, the supply of polygrass could dry up. Tie-down ropers and the Rope Shop began looking for something to take its place.

“We looked in South America, China and South East Asia,” Duffin said. “So we found a new manufacturer and a new material. It’s not Japanese poly, we’re trying to differentiate it from poly. When it comes to us, then we have to process it on our machine that we make the wax-free ropes with before it can be used. This rope looks and feels like a grass rope without the maintenance.”

After a year of development and extensive testing, SYNGRASS has passed muster with several of The Rope Shop’s endorsees. Wrangler NFR qualifiers Nate Baldwin, Matt Shiozawa, Josh Peek and Clint Cooper are all roping with this new rope.

The Rope Shop offers it in 60-thread, 57-thread, 54-thread sizes-and coming soon-51-thread. Contact The Rope Shop for more information at (800) 447-6259, or visit them online at www.theropeshoponline.com.

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