Tanner James Undefeated in Resistol Rookie Headers Standings; Junior Zambrano Moves to No.1 in Resistol Rookie Heelers Standings
Resistol Rookie
Tanner James was the 2022 Resistol Rookie Header of the Year. | Photo courtesy PRCA

Less than two months remain in the PRCA regular season, and Resistol Rookies are battling it out to capture the 2022 Resistol Rookie Header and Heeler Year-End titles.

Here’s a look at the current Resistol Rookie standings as of August 7, 2022:

Resistol Rookie Team Roping Headers Standings:

Tanner James, 25, of Stephenville, Texas has remained undefeated in the No.1 position in the Resistol Rookie headers standings since the beginning of the season with $30,704.54 in PRCA earnings. James, who also ranks No.45 in the PRCA World Standings, has more than a $7,000 lead over Kreece Thompson, 19, of Munday, Texas, in the No.2 position with $22,601 in PRCA earnings. Over $13,000 separates No.2 and No.3 in the standings, Bodie Mattson, 20, of Sturgis, S.D., with $10,788.32 in PRCA earnings. 

  1. Tanner James, Porterville, CA • $30,704.54
  2. Kreece Thompson, Munday, TX • $23,323.44
  3. Bodie Mattson, Sturgis, SD • $10,788.32
  4. Kash Bonnett, Ponoka, AB • $9,506.06
  5. T.C. Hammack, Chiloquin, OR • $7,429.91
  6. Jason Burson, Sealy, TX • $6,245.70
  7. Wyatt Lacey, Prescott Valley, AZ • $5,861.46
  8. Tyler Hobert, Clearwater, KS • $5,025.68
  9. Caleb Berquist, LaCrosse, WA • $4,580.86
  10. Peter Bennett, Kaycee, WY • $4,501.85

Resistol Rookie Team Roping Heelers Standings:

Junior Zambrano, 23, of Nogales, Ariz., moved into the No.1 position in the Resistol Rookie heelers standings this week with $21,383.56 in PRCA earnings. He made the jump from No.3 to No. 1 after picking up a sixth place win at the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo in Castle Rock, Colo. for $2,115. Zambrano has a $110 lead over Blaine Turner, 23, of Batesville, Ark., in the No.2 position as he has $21,273 in PRCA earnings. Its anyone’s game as only $400 separates No.1 and No.3, Garrett Smith, 24, of Mt. Juliet, Tenn., who has $20,978.09 in PRCA earnings. 

  1. Junior Zambrano, Nogales, AZ • $21,383.56
  2. Blaine Turner, Batesville, AR • $21,273.37
  3. Thomas Smith, Mt. Juliet, TN • $20,978.09
  4. Trae Smith, Georgetown, ID • $16,411.81
  5. Clay Green, Pine Grove, LA • $16,369.25
  6. Cayden Cox, Arroyo Grande, CA • $10,452.57
  7. Arye Espenscheid, Big Piney, WY • $9,603.53
  8. Kolton Good, Carter, OK • $9,516.09
  9. Logan Cullen, Courtenay, BC • $8,535.36
  10. Zack Woods, Walters, OK • $7,515.69
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