ProRodeo Results WrapUp: April 11, 2018


Andrew and Regan Ward tied with Logan Olson and Matt Kastner for the finals win at the RNCFR win in Kissimmee, Florida, but Olson and Kastner held on for the RNCFR title with $20,090 a man won in total. The Wards and Olson and Kastner each roped their final round steer in 5.4 seconds, worth $6,634 a man. Olson and Kastner tied for fifth in the first round with Thad Ward and Olin Pulham with a 6.2-second run, worth $1,137 a man. In the average, Olson and Kastner won second with 12.7 seconds on two head, worth $4,738 a man. The Ward’s placed third with 13.3 seconds on two head, worth $3,412 a man. Olson and Kastner won the semi final round with a 5.4-second run, worth $7,581 each. The Wards tied with Clay Smith and Paul Eaves for second in the round with a 6.2-second run, worth $4,738 each. Olson and Kastner each banked $20,090 total. The Wards won $14,784 each.

Tyler Wade and Ryan Motes tied Dustin Egusquiza and Kory Koontz at the Walker County Fair & Rodeo in Huntsville, Texas with a 4.4-second run, worth $1,516. In the PRCA World Standings, Egusquiza is currently seventh with $21,727.97 won and Wade is currently 10th with $19,554.72 won in the heading. Koontz is currently ninth with $21,727.97 won and Motes is just outside the top 10 in the number-16 spot with $15,416.45 won.

Huntsville, Texas 1. (tie) Tyler Wade/Ryan Motes and Dustin Egusquiza/Kory Koontz, 4.4 seconds, $1,516 each; 3. Jake Orman/Will Woodfin, 4.5, $1,199; 4. (tie) Jesy Austin/Dee Rampy and Joshua Torres/Jonathan Torres, 4.9, $881 each; 6. Kelsey Parchman/Dustin Davis, 5.2, $564; 7. (tie) Bubba Buckaloo/Cole Davison, Laramie Allen/Ross Ashford and Jake Cooper/Logan Medlin, 5.5, $165 each.

Kissimmee, Fla. Team roping: First round: 1. Cody Tew/Matt Robertson, 5.7 seconds, $6,254 each; 2. (tie) Rob Toth/Shawn Quinn, Dustin Bird/Chase Tryan and Adam Rose/J.W. Beck, 5.8, $3,475 each; 5. (tie) Thad Ward/Olin Pulham and Logan Olson/Matt Kasner, 6.2, $1,137 each. Second round: 1. Blake Teixeira/Kyle Lockett, 4.4 seconds, $6,254 each; 2. Keven Daniel/Brad Culpepper, 4.6, $4,738; 3. Zane Barnson/Cole Wilson, 4.8, $3,412; 4. Jesse Stipes/Jake Smith, 5.4, $2,274; 5. Ty Blasingame/Trey Yates, 5.6, $1,327; 6. Tanner Baldwin/Cory Petska, 5.7, $948. Average: 1. Thad Ward/Olin Pulham, 12.6 seconds on two head, $6,254; 2. Logan Olson/Matt Kasner, 12.7, $4,738; 3. Andrew Ward/Reagan Ward, 13.3, $3,412; 4. Clay Smith/Paul Eaves, 13.5, $2,274; 5. Ty Blasingame/Trey Yates, 15.5, $1,327; 6. Jesse Stipes/Jake Smith, 15.8, $948.Semifinal: 1. Logan Olson/Matt Kasner, 5.4 seconds, $7,581 each; 2. (tie) Clay Smith/Paul Eaves and Andrew Ward/Reagan Ward, 6.2, $4,738 each; 4. Thad Ward/Olin Pulham, 6.4, $1,895. Finals: 1. (tie) Andrew Ward/Reagan Ward and Logan Olson/Matt Kastner, 5.4 seconds, $6,634; 3. Clay Smith/Paul Eaves, 14.2, $3,791; no other qualified runs.

Medicine Hat, Alberta 1. Braidy Davies/Kevin Schreiner, 4.7 seconds, $1,157 each; 2. Tuftin McLeod/Trent Tunke, 5.1, $1,006; 3. (tie) Wyatt Hayes/Stacy Cornet and Grady Quam/Rocky Dallyn, 5.3, $779 each; 5. Jace Lambert/Nick Teixeira, 5.6, $553; 6. Tristan Williams/Joey Romo II, 6.0, $402; 7. (tie) Clint Buhler/Ty Flewelling and Dalton Kraft/Jared Pancoast, 6.1, $176 each.

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