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Resistol Rookie Update: Bray Keeps Rolling; McCluskey Jumps in Standings and more

Paden Bray continues to surge in both the Resistol Rookie and PRCA world standings and more.

Texas' Paden Bray is a name we will be seeing for a while. Not only did he make the top 40 at Cheyenne (Wyoming) Frontier Days to advance to the performances, he, with 2017 World Champion Header Erich Rogers, added $4,125 to their earnings. 

They won the Laramie (Wyoming) Jubilee Days with a 6.2-second-run, worth $1,600 a man. The continued their Wyoming earnings, winning the second round at the Sheridan WYO Rodeo with a 4.3-second-run, worth $2,525 a man. Bray continues to stay in the number-one spot in the Resistol Rookie heeling standings and is 24th in the PRCA world standings with $30,850.11.

Paden Bray getting ready to heel in the team roping slack at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Bray warming up at the 2019 Cheyenne Frontier Days. 

Texas' Cody McCluskey, who is heading for two-time WCRA Champion Heeler Joe Mattern, added a total of $3,367 to his Resistol Rookie earnings after tying Ty Blasingame and Brandon Bates and Jake Orman and Tyler McKnight for third with a 4.4-second-run at the Rooftop Rodeo in Estes Park, Colorado. McCluskey is currently fourth in the Resistol Rookie heading standings with $7,053.59

2018 Day's of '47 champion heeler Carson Johnson, who is heading for older brother Kellan, placed third at the Laramie Jubilee Days rodeo with a 10.5-second-run, worth $1,048 a man. Carson is fourth in the Resistol Rookie heeling standings with $9,689.41. 

Wyoming's Jerren Johnson, who is heeling for Cody Tew, added $1,498 to his earnings. They tied Kelsey Parchman and Matt Kasner for fifth in the first round at the Wolf Point (Montana) Wild Horse Stampede with a 5.9-second-run, worth $306 a man. They tied Scott White and Riley Wakefield for sixth in the second round with a 6.4-second-run, worth $109 a man. In the average Tew and Johnson tied Derick and Brett Fleming for third with a time of 12.3-seconds on two head, worth $1,083 a man. Johnson is sixth in the Resistol Rookie heeling standing with $5,486.62.


Top 10 Headers:

1. Kal Fuller with $17,793.03

2. Garrett Chick with $14,205.25

3. Colton Campbell with $12,669.52

4. Cody McCluskey with $7,053.59 

5. Mason Boettcher with $5,767.18

6. Lane Lowry with $5,503.03

7. Cooper White with $5,388.69

8. Brodi Jones with $5,095.11

9. Clayton Eggers with $4,831.17

10. Coy Brittain with $4,386.68

Top 10 Heelers:

1. Payden Bray with $30,850.11

2. Wyatt Hansen with $18,559.20

3. Heath Williams with $14,452.48

4. Carson Johnson with $9,689.41

5. Michael Tash with $7,747.65

6. Jerren Johnson with $5,486.72 

7. Brushton Minton with $4,787.96

8. Colton Brittain with $4,393.02

9. Dylin Ahlstrom with $4,236.47

10. Drew Carnes with $3,601.75