Resistol Rookie Update: Chick Aiming for No. 1; Bray Continues to Rake In Cash
Garett Chick continues to aim for the No. 1 spot in the heading with an upcoming partner swap; Paden Bray continues to rake in cash to pull further ahead with the No. 1 position in the heeling.

“I guess I just want to win as much as I can—If I win, I win it. If I don’t, it doesn’t really matter to me if I win a bunch. I guess that’s just how it is.” — No. 2 Resistol Rookie header Garett Chick

Top 10 Resistol Rookie Headers:

1. Kal Fuller, $35,811.31

2. Garrett Chick, $27,052.73

3. Colton Campbell, $22,485.30

4. Cooper White, $11,479.73

5. Dillon Holyfield, $7,981.18

6. Mason Boettcher, $7,788.72

7. Jordan Tye, $7,722.24

8. Cody McCluskey, $7,053.59

9. Ian Austiguy, $6,480.60

10. Lane Lowry, $5,843.78

Top 10 Resistol Rookie Heelers:

1. Payden Bray, $60,845.78

2. Wyatt Hansen, $22,920.52

3. Carson Johnson, $18,341.14

4. Heath Williams, $15,381.70

5. Clancey Kreutzer, $9,500.45

6. Michael Tash, $8,926.41

7. Jerren Johnson, $8,679.90

8. Drew Carnes, $8,251.51

9. Brushton Minton, $7,461.32

10. Dylin Ahlstrom, $6,916.38

Resistol Rookie Headers: 

Garett Chick; Salado, Texas 

In the last few weeks of rodeo’s regular season, Garett Chick continues to remain second with $27,052.73 in season earnings behind Resistol Rookie’s leading man Kal Fuller.

“I guess I just want to win as much as I can—If I win, I win it,” Chick said. “If I don’t, it doesn’t really matter to me if I win a bunch. I guess that’s just how it is.”

Chick and 2018 Resistol Rookie Heeler of the Year Ross Ashford tied Chad Masters and Joseph Harrison to win the second round at the Walla Walla (Washington) Frontier Days rodeo. They each roped their steer in 4.4-seconds to earn the $2,164 a man. 

“The year hasn’t been great,” Chick sighed. “We’ve placed quite a bit, but haven’t placed high enough at the bigger rodeos, which makes a big difference. After Albuquerque, I’m roping with Walt Woodard. I don’t know if I’ll hit my rodeo count or not. There’s probably nine or ten after Albuquerque that I’ll get to go to, so I’ll go to as many as I can get to with Walt and then start roping with him next year.”

The new partnership came about at the Ellensburg (Washington) Rodeo when Woodard asked Chick about his future plans. 

“The other day at Ellensburg, he asked me if I was going to go next year. A couple days before that, me and Ross talked about it and we didn’t want to rope together anymore. We just haven’t won as much as we should. So when Walt asked me, I definitely took that up. We’re going to try it.”

Chick is also in the top 50 of the PRCA world standings with $27,052.73 in season earnings. 

Philip Schuman; Johnstown, Colorado

Philip Schuman jumped to No. 11 in the Resistol Rookie heading race after adding $1,625 to his earnings. 

Schuman and partner Josh Fillmore placed fourth at the Colorado State Fair & Rodeo in Pueblo, Colorado, roping two head in 15.1-seconds, worth $998 a man. They tied Corey Whinnery and Robert Murphy for sixth in the second round with a 7.7-second run, worth $119 a man. 

They then placed fifth at the Daggett County Centennial Rodeo in Manila, Utah with a 7.0-second run, adding $508 to their earnings. 

Schuman is currently 11th in the Resistol Rookie race and in the Mountain States circuit standings with $5,672.25 in season earnings. 

Cooper White; Hershey, Nebraska

Cooper White and Resistol Rookie heeler Jerren Johnson each added $1,165 to their earnings.

They placed second at the Wild Rides Rodeo Killdeer (North Dakota) with a 4.8-second run, worth $1,059 a man, and tied Reece Weber and Matt Kasner for sixth at the Badlands Iron Cowboy Rodeo in Killdeer, North Dakota with a 5.7-second run, worth $106 a man. 

White continues to stay fourth in the Resistol Rookie heading standings with $11,479.73 in season earnings. 

Ian Austiguy; Gallatin Gateway, Montana

Ian Austiguy shuffled one spot to ninth in the Resistol Rookie heading standings after adding $1,106 to his earnings.

Austiguy, and Chase Briggs IV placed second at the Sanders County Fair & PRCA Rodeo in Plains, Montana with a 5.7-second run, earning their $1,106 pay checks. 

Austiguy now has a total of $6,480.60 to his season earnings. 

Resistol Rookie Heelers:

Paden Bray; Granbury, Texas

Paden Bray added $1,060 to his earnings to continue to lead the charge in the Resistol Rookie heeling standings and stay in the bubble spot in the PRCA world standings. 

Bray and header Erich Rogers tied Garrett Tonozzi and Dustin Davis for eighth at the Magic Valley Stampede in Filer, Idaho with a 4.9-second run, worth $959 a man, then tied Paul David Tierney and Ryan Motes for eighth in the second round at the Walla Walla Frontier Days with a 5.2-second run, adding $101 to their earnings. 

Bray leads the way for the Resistol Rookies and is 16th in the PRCA world standings with $60,845.78. 

Jerren Johnson; Casper, Wyoming

Jerren Johnson and Resistol Rookie heading contender Cooper White added $1,165 to each of their earnings. 

Johnson jumped up one spot in the standings with $8,679.90 in season earnings. 

Heath Williams; Ozark, Arkansas

Heath Williams, who is heeling for Cash Hendrick, continues to hang in the top 5 of the Resistol Rookie standings with $16,227.70 in season earnings. 

Hendrick and Williams placed second at the Jim Shoulders Living Legends Rodeo in Henryetta, Oklahoma with a 6.1-second run, worth $846 a man.  

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