Smith Continues to Lead Resistol Rookie Heading Standings; Medina and Beard Move Up in Heeling Standings

As the PRCA’s regular season starts to pick up heading into the summer run, the Resistol Rookies are gunning for their shots at the 2020 Resistol Rookie Header and Heeler year-end title. 

Resistol Rookie Headers: 

Britt Smith, who is heading for his older brother Jake Smith, placed third at the Mesquite (Texas) Championship Rodeo with a 4.9-second run, worth $682 a man. The header from Broken Bow, Oklahoma with $7,192.11 in PRCA earnings took an early lead at the beginning of the 2020 PRCA regular season and continues to rake in earnings in hopes of securing the Resistol Rookie Heading title once the regular season is over.

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Resistol Rookie Heelers: 

Texas’ Eddie Medina, who is heeling for Mason Boettcher, moved up from fourth to third in the Resistol Rookie heeling standings after placing second at the  Mesquite Championship Rodeo with a 4.8-second run, worth $861 a man. Medina now has $3,742.46 in PRCA earnings. 

Menoken, North Dakota’s Jake Beard, who is heeling for Clint Gorrell, broke into the top 10 in the Resistol Rookie heeling standings with $539.45 in PRCA earnings. Gorrell and Beard placed sixth at the Newtown (South Dakota) Rodeo Days with a 10.7-second run, worth $345 a man.

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Resistol Rookie Headers:

1. Britt Smith, $7,192.11

2. Lathen Bryant, $5,119.72

3. Ryan Pope, $3,962.32

4. Tanner Tomlinson, $3,546.03

5. Whit Harper, $2,891.67

6. Kade Smith, $2,479.30

7. Coy Rahlmann, $2,163.30

8. Zane Murphy, $1,624.93

9. Ric LeBlanc, $1,017.43

10. Lane Stock, $903.31

Resistol Rookie Heelers:

1. Zak Dobbins, $7,047.87

2. Clay Futrell, $4,557.08

3. Eddie Medina, $3,742.46

4. Blaine Courson, $3,313.29

5. Abdiel Zamora, 2,246.17

6. Joshua Smitherman, $2,246.15

7. Matt Schieck, $1,628.09

8. Jacob Goddard, $1,607.56

9. Jorge Cruz Ibarra, $586.64

10. Jake Beard, $539.45

Full Results: 

Grover, Colo. 1. Zane Thompson/Colton Reed, 6.4 seconds, $988 each; 2. Bryton Scheller/Cullen Teller, 6.6, $818; 3. Corey Whinnery/Todd Wilson, 8.1, $647; 4. Jaguar Terrill/Tyler Whitlow, 8.2, $477; 5. Jhett Trenary/Trevor Schnaufer, 11.7, $307; 6. Mark Morrison/George Raftopoulos, 13.8, $170.

Mesquite, TX 1. Clint Summers/Douglas Rich, 4.4 seconds, $1,041 each; 2. Mason Boettcher/Eddie Medina, 4.8, $861; 3. Britt Smith/Jake Smith, 4.9, $682; 4. (tie) Chase Massengill/Lane Siggins and Aaron Macy/Jason Johe, 5.0, $413 each; 6. Cody Snow/Junior Nogueira, 5.1, $179.

Newtown, N.D. 1. Jr. Dees/Matt Zancanella, 4.8 seconds, $2,004 each; 2. Rex Treeby/Elliott Gourneau, 5.7, $1,658; 3. Jade Schmidt/Dustin Harris, 6.3, $1,313; 4. Brit Ellerman/Trey Johnson, 7.3, $967; 5. Cody Hilzendeger/Chad Ystaas, 8.2, $622; 6. Clint Gorrell/Jake Beard, 10.7, $345.

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