Smith Stays No. 1 in Resistol Rookie Heading Standings; Fillmore and McInerney Move Into Top 10 of the Resistol Rookie Heeling Standings
Britt Smith continues to add money to his Resistol Rookie earnings. Jared Fillmore ties for second in Nephi, Utah and Tanner Mclnerney places third in Forsyth, Montana.

Resistol Rookie Heading Update: 

Britt Smith just keeps racking up earnings to lead the Resistol Rookie standings on the head side.  

He and partner and brother Jake Smith tied Lane Ivy and Dillon Wingereid for second at the Mesquite (Texas) Championship Rodeo with a 5.0-second run, adding $647 to each man’s earnings. 

Smith continues to lead the pack in the Resistol Rookie heading race and is 34th in the PRCA world standings with $14,656.56 in ProRodeo earnings. 

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Britt Smith is Making Money Moves In Resistol Rookie Standings

Resistol Rookie Heading Standings: 

1. Britt Smith, $14,656.56

2. Tanner Tomlinson, $9,697.51

3. Lathen Bryant, $5,119.72

4. Ryan Pope, $3,962.32

5. Whit Harper, $2,891.67

6. Kade Smith, $2,479.30

7. Jaxson Tucker, $2,321.80

8. Coy Rahlmann, $2,268.42

9. Zane Murphy, $1,799.53

10. Ric LeBlanc, $1,017.43

Resistol Rookie Heeling Update:

The Resistol Rookie heeling standings is starting to see shifts after the slow weekend in PRCA Rodeo. 

Utah’s Jared Fillmore, who showed off his heeling abilities at the 2020 RFD-TV’s The American behind Colby Lovell, is now roping with Casey Tew. 

Tew and Fillmore tied Pace Freed and Dustin Searcy for second at the Ute Stampede in Nephi, Utah with a 4.5-second run, worth $1,593 a man. 

Fillmore moved to ninth in the Resistol Rookie heeling standings with $1,592.61 in PRCA earnings. 

Montana’s Tanner McInerney, who is heeling for Brent McInerney, placed third at the Rosebud Treasure County Fair Rodeo in Forsyth, Montana with a 5.6-second run, worth $938 a man. 

Mclnerney is now in the top 10 of the Resistol Rookie heeling standings with $1,184.16 in PRCA earnings. 

Resistol Rookie Heeling Standings: 

1. Clay Futrell, $18,059.00

2. Zak Dobbins, $7,047.87

3. Eddie Medina, $5,512.70

4. Blaine Courson, $3,313.29

5. Abdiel Zamora, $2,246.17

6. Joshua Smitherman, $2,246.15

7. Matt Schieck, $1,628.09

8. Jacob Goddard, $1,607.56

9. Jared Fillmore, $1,592.61

10. Tanner McInerney, $1,184.16

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