Teague Finishes Jr. Ironman with Championship Title
Rattan, Oklahoma’s Briar Teague won the Jr. Ironman at the Lazy E Arena with a time of 200.4 on 12 head, worth $10,000.

Briar Teague secured the average win in the 2021 edition of the Jr. Ironman at the Lazy E Arena with a time of 200.4 on 12 head, worth $10,000, in conjunction with the Cinch Timed Event Championship.

Teague, 19, from Rattan, Oklahoma, was unsure if he won the event after receiving a 60 for missing his steer in the bull dogging and chasing the steer down to throw him after the whistle blew.

Briar Teague, the 2021 Jr. Ironman Champion Kaitlin Gustave Photo

“I honestly thought that a 60 would get me second,” said Teague, an active team roper who has been working with world champion bull dogger Tyler Pearson. “I just had to knock him down was all that was in my head. I missed him, but it all worked out.”

Teague, in his first appearance at the Jr. Ironman, blew the crowd away after winning both Round 1 and Round 2 as he headed into the find round.

“When you start you go four events faster than you can think,” said Teague, who attended s semester at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and is now waiting to go back to school to work for his dad, Philip, at their Rattan-based trailer manufacturing company, Diamond T Trailers. “You have to have everything ready and to win it. I feel accomplished, if that’s the word.”

The young all-around cowboy, who was accompanied by his father, Philip, mother, Misty, who were watching in the stands of the Lazy E Arena, had world champion header Erich Rogers and world champion bull dogger Tyler Pearson helping him at the event.

“It’s cool to have them help you,” Teague admitted.

Teague rode his personal horses in the heading, heeling and calf roping and jumped on Pearson’s bull dogging horse.

Briar Teague riding back up the Lazy E Arena with Erich Rogers. Kaitlin Gustave Photo

“They were some of the best, for sure,” Teague said. “I had my head horse, Rolex, heel horse, Vegas, and calf horse, Cat. I rode Tyler Pearson’s bull dogging horse. That horse is outstanding. He doesn’t use that horse a whole lot, but he’s something that you can rely on.”

Teague, in awe of the prestigious event that he just walked away champion in, is grateful for the committee at the Lazy E Arena for hosting the event and inviting Jr. level cowboys to compete on a big stage.

“For them to be able to put something of this level on for us junior kids is one of the coolest things,” Teague said. “To recognize us kids that could be future contestants of the Timed Event Championship is outstanding.” 

Find the Jr. Ironman results here

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