New Teams for 2014
Team ropers who are switching it up for the winter rodeos.

Plenty of teams opted to switch things up for 2014. Here are some of the new teams, according to the entries for Odessa, Texas.

Kolton Schmidt and Britt Bockius

Landon McClaugherty and Joel Hurta

Zayne Dishion and Bucky Campbell

Garrett Tonozzi and Dugan Kelly

Turtle Powell and Dakota Kirchenschlager

Kaleb Driggers and Patrick Smith

Coleman Proctor and Jake Long

Aaron Tsinigine and Walt Woodard

Jake Cooper and Boogie Ray

Ty Blasingame and Cole Davison

Trevor Brazile and Travis Graves

Lane Ivy and Tyler Magnus

Spencer Mitchell and Russell Cardoza

Justin Davis and BJ Dugger

JoJo Lemond and Martin Lucero

Travis Tryan and Chase Tryan

Bubba Buckaloo and Kory Koontz

Chad Masters and Clay O’Brien Cooper

BJ Campbell and Tommy Zuniga

Brock Hanson and Cesar de la Cruz

Jake Barnes and Junior Nogueira

Keven Daniel and York Gill

Speed Williams and Shay Carroll

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