Trent Willmon Narrates Children’s Book

Multi-talented country music artist Trent Willmon just added “children’s book narrator” to his long list of accomplishments. Willmon lends his voice to the reading of The Knock-Kneed Cowboy: A Tale of Being “Just Right”…Just As We Are. Written and illustrated by Willmon’s mother, Billie Willmon Jenkin, The Knock-Kneed Cowboy is a story for kids and anyone whose self-acceptance could use a boost.

Jenkin wrote the story for her sons when they were children and recently self-published the work.

“Most people’s beliefs about their worth come from others’ opinions of them. I was determined that kids know that they don’t have to let others’ ideas about them become their own. I see the book as an adventure in self-acceptance, and I’m delighted that Trent agreed to record this book. Even kids who are not terrific readers will be motivated to read along with Trent and will grasp exactly what I intended for them to.”

“I love the book,” Willmon says. “It was taken from a story Mom made up for my brother and me when we were kids. Casey is a knock-kneed cowboy who wants to be bow-legged like all his peers. When the book starts out, you think it’s just for elementary-school kids. But as you read on, you realize it’s a parable about all of us who feel ‘different.’ It’s a message-and a fun tale-for all ages.”

As Willmon reads the story, available on a three CD set, he becomes characters like Honey, a fifth-grade girl, Grandpa, Troubles-a bad-luck cow dog-and Gus, the fairy god-frog.

Priced at $19.97 for the book plus $25.97 for the CD, orders can be placed on Jenkin’s website: http://empow

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