Trevor Brazile’s Boogie
Brazile's latest "good one" is a keeper.

According to Trevor Brazile, the 2014 regular season was “right up there” in terms of one of the best he’s had in 12 years as a header. And it happened courtesy of a breeding-stock Paint horse that also helped send Charly Crawford to the 2014 Wrangler NFR.

Brazile, always on the lookout for a rope horse to buy or sell, bought “Boogie” in Idaho from Tyler Smith in August 2013. Boogie, 13, is a South Dakota-bred horse that spent his formative years with the Braskamp family. They also own Boogie’s Paint sire, Pine Time. 

“I had let some guys ride this horse at Pendleton that fall and wherever they needed something to ride,” Brazile said. “Then, once I got home, it just seemed like he came into his own and has been there ever since.”

Brazile entered the big brown gelding for the first time at the USTRC’s National Finals of Team Roping in Oklahoma City. Then he loaded him up and used him at the 2013 Wrangler NFR, where he and Patrick Smith won two rounds and placed in four others.

“He moves his feet really well for a big horse,” said Brazile. “And he always keeps his separation, so he runs hard but never overruns anything.”

Television commentator Joe Beaver had high praise for Boogie during that first Finals, which was the first time many rodeo fans had a chance to watch the horse. And although Boogie doesn’t exactly resemble Sic ’Em—Brazile’s former bay Head Horse of the Year—his dark brown color and similar talent had plenty of fans confused. 

“I actually compare him to Sic ’Em a lot,” said Brazile. “He just makes my job easy. He’s one of those few horses that feel good enough to use in Las Vegas, but you can turn around and want to ride him at the BFI or Cheyenne or Salinas. I haven’t had very many that I felt were my best option at every event.”

Boogie also was Charly Crawford’s best option when he found himself down to just his backup horse in mid-August. 

“I texted Trevor as soon as Patron began colicking,” said Crawford. “That horse of Trevor’s is just so honest. He has a good stride so he’s fast, plus he scores great. You get a good start on him every time.”

Crawford was in the precarious 15th-place position on August 14 when his great horse Patron died during emergency colic surgery. But after winning the Ellensburg (Wash.) Rodeo on Boogie for $6,269 and placing elsewhere on Dustin Bird’s Dolly, Chad Masters’ Cody and his own backup horse, Bullseye, Crawford had cracked the top five and was headed to his eighth NFR with Shay Carroll.

“It was a big deal for me,” said Crawford. “Ellensburg was a big win. Luckily, Trevor was more than generous about loaning me that horse, and so were the other guys. Losing your horse is awful, but the feeling of having my friends jump in there and help, I’ll never forget that.”


Brazile wasn’t the first to have tried Boogie when he was for sale, and at the time, the horse wasn’t necessarily scoring or performing the way he is now. It didn’t seem likely he would become part of Brazile’s first string.

So it was quite a turnaround when Boogie earned the rare distinction of being described by Brazile as “my good one.” How does a horse go from being passed over to winning a go-round at the NFR just three months later? Brazile makes it sound simple.

“Horses are repetition animals,” he explained. “You can stay out of their way and give them consistent cues and they pick it up real fast.”

Crawford has purposely gone up to Decatur to practice with Brazile as much as he could over the years, and he gives the 20-time world champ more credit.

“Trevor is just so handy at getting a horse working well,” he said. “He makes them easy to ride. He can put a head horse’s feet anywhere, and what he can do with a horse in certain situations is incredible. He is by far the best hand with a head horse of anybody I know.”

Boogie by Brazile

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