Ultra Shield EX

W. F. Young, Inc., marketers of the Absorbine line of animal health care products, has raised the bar in the fly control arena with the introduction of UltraShield EX-the sweat resistant insecticide and repellent formula with 17-day protection. UltraShield EX will be the new standard in ultra fly control protection from Absorbine. UltraShield EX is an enhanced version of original Absorbine UltraShield, improving the power and performance of this consummate fly control product.

UltraShield EX has been field tested and proven to kill and repel for up to 17 days. Testing has shown that it protects horses from biting flies, gnats, ticks, and mosquitoes. UltraShield EX can also be used on dogs and puppies over 12 weeks of age. It can also be used as a premise spray.

For more information, visit www.absorbine.com.

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