USTRC Finals Invade OKC This October

This October 22-30, the United States Team Roping Championships is taking over the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, as well as the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie for the Cinch National Finals of Team Roping and the Guthrie Shoot-Out Championships.

The event paid out some $4.5 million in cash and prizes in 2010, and looks to do the same again for 2011. It’s billed by the USTRC as “the roping that could change your life.”

Indeed, with the Gold-Plus ropings giving away two 4-door Dodge dually trucks and two Case tractors, the event has some life-changing potential. The shootouts paid out at least $300,000 each, as well. This year, there will be dozens of Martin trophy saddles given out, as well as 260 Gist belt buckles.

Last year’s biggest winners at the CNFTR were the ladies, as Stephenville, Texas’ Jamie Mader-Hayden came out with $57,800 of the total $3.67 million offered. Mader-Hayden won the No. 11 Shout-Out with high-school freshman Wesley Thorp of Throckmorton, Texas, earning $46,750. She then went on to win another $7,750 when she and partner Jimmi Jo Montera won the Cruel Girl Championship. She made the balance of her total in the go-rounds of each roping. Peggy Bach?wife of four-time world champion Allen?of Millsap, Texas, split $76,900 with partner B.J. Thompson of Pitkin, La., in the No. 12 Shoot Out.

Current PRCA World Standings leaders Chad Masters and Jade Corkill took home the Open title, as well as $35,800 each.

The USTRC will not accept any entries after Oct. 7 and will post draws Oct. 14 at

The USTRC will also offer daily CNFTR recaps and specials on its channel.

While top ropers come to Oklahoma for the CNFTR, they drive just about 35 miles north of Oklahoma City to the Lazy E Arena for the Guthrie Shoot-Out. There, the USTRC will give away four Martin trophy saddles, 42 Martin trophy tooled rope bags, as well as 22-2011 National Shoot-Out/Flex Earnings. Last year, the event drew in some 5,300 teams to the enter-on-site roping.

Event Schedule – CINCH USTRC NFTR, OKC State Fairgrounds

Events begin at 8 a.m. every day

Saturday, Oct. 22

Open Preliminary

#15 Preliminary

#15 Shoot-Out

Sunday, Oct. 23

#13 Preliminary

US Open

Monday, Oct. 24

#13 Shoot-Out

#12 Preliminary

Tuesday, Oct. 25

#12 Shoot-Out

#12 Gold Plus Shoot-Out

Wednesday, Oct. 26

Century Championship

#10 Gold Plus Shoot-Out

Thursday, Oct. 27

Cruel Girl Champ

#11 Preliminary

Friday, Oct. 28

#11 Shoot-Out

#10 Preliminary

Saturday, Oct. 29

#10 Shoot-Out

#9 Preliminary

Sunday, Oct. 30

#9 Shoot-Out

#8 Shoot-Out

EventSchedule – Guthrie Shoot-Out Championships, Lazy E Arena

Each roping limited to 250 teams

Friday, Oct. 21

9 a.m. OPEN

1:30 p.m. #15

6 p.m. #13

Saturday, Oct. 22

9 a.m. #13

1:30 p.m. #12

6 p.m. #11

Sunday, Oct. 23

9 a.m. #12

1:30 p.m. #11

6 p.m. #10 (capped at Elite #6)

Monday, Oct. 24

9 a.m. #11

1:30 p.m. #10 (capped at Elite #6)

6 p.m. #9 (capped at Elite #5)

Tuesday, Oct. 25

9 a.m. #11

1:30 p.m. #10 (capped at Elite #6)

6 p.m. #9 (capped at Elite #5)

Wednesday, Oct. 26

9 a.m. #11

1:30 p.m. #10 (capped at Elite #6)

6 p.m. #9 (capped at Elite #5)

Thursday, Oct. 27

9 a.m. #10 (capped at Elite #6)

1:30 p.m. #9 (capped at Elite #5)

6 p.m. #8 (capped at #4)


Each roping limited to 400 teams -?Martin trophy saddles to average winners

9 a.m. #9 (capped at Elite #5)

4 p.m. #8 (capped at #4)

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