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WCRA, NIRA Announce 2024 CNFR Collab, $10K Cash Bonus
The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association and the World Champions Rodeo Alliance have announced a partnership designed to enhance the opportunities available to college rodeo athletes.
Cam Jensen and Tanner McInerney roping their third-round steer at the 2023 CNFR.
Cam Jensen and Tanner McInerney won the third round of the 2023 CNFR with a 4.2, the fastest run of the week. Jackie Jensen Photography.

FORT WORTH — The NIRA (National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association) and WCRA (World Champions Rodeo Alliance) are proud to announce a partnership and a combined effort to provide additional opportunities for college rodeo athletes. The two rodeo organizations are teaming up to bring a $10,000 bonus to the 2024 College National Finals Rodeo next June. 

“This is another huge step to growing the sport of rodeo among college athletes and giving them an opportunity to qualify for WCRA events,” said WCRA President Bobby Mote. “We are ecstatic to be the presenting sponsor of the Armband Ceremony and offer this $10,000 bonus opportunity to college athletes. We are anxious to see college rodeo athletes qualify for the chance to compete for the $1 Million Triple Crown of Rodeo Bonus.” 

The “WCRA College Trifecta” will pay a $10,000 cash bonus to any NIRA athlete who wins their respective discipline in their region and wins at least one go-round of competition at the CNFR in the same discipline and completes the “Trifecta” by winning the World Championship in that discipline. The athlete must have nominated their ride or run with WCRA at the CNFR to be eligible for the bonus. The following NIRA disciplines are eligible: bareback riding, steer wrestling, barrel racing, breakaway roping, tie-down roping, saddle bronc riding, heading, heeling, and bull riding. If more than one athlete completes the trifecta, then those athletes will split the bonus. 

“NIRA is thrilled to announce its exciting partnership with WCRA, which promises to open new doors of opportunity for our college rodeo athletes,” said Jim Dewey Brown, NIRA Commissioner. “WCRA’s unwavering commitment to elevating the world of rodeo ensures that our athletes will continue to thrive in a realm of endless possibilities.”

Athletes can use code “COLLEGE24” when nominating and receive 25% off. The code is limited to four nominations and can be used to nominate any future event. The code is valid until May 2024.

Since launching in May of 2018, the WCRA and its partners have awarded more than $15,700,000 in new money to rodeo athletes. All rodeo athletes interested in learning more about the WCRA, the VRQ, or how to nominate should be directed to or download the WCRA app HERE.  


About WCRA (World Champions Rodeo Alliance):

WCRA is a professional sport and entertainment entity, created to develop and advance the sport of rodeo by aligning all levels of competition. In association with the PBR, WCRA produces major rodeo events, developing additional opportunities for rodeo-industry competitors, stakeholders, and fans. To learn more, visit For athletes interested in learning more about the WCRA Virtual Rodeo Qualifier (VRQ) system, visit

About NIRA (National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association) 

NIRA is a prestigious and nationally recognized organization that governs collegiate rodeo competitions in the United States. NIRA provides a platform for college students from across the country to compete in a wide range of rodeo events, showcasing their talent and dedication to the sport. With a rich history dating back to 1949, NIRA has been instrumental in shaping the careers of many professional rodeo athletes by offering them a competitive and structured environment at the college level. NIRA plays a pivotal role in promoting the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and dedication while fostering the growth and development of rodeo athletes, both in and out of the arena.

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