What’s Your Number? with Griffin Scarlett
Roper Griffin Scarlett calls Jackson Hole, Wyo., and Queen Creek, Ariz. home

Number and End: I’m a 5+ header.

Association of Preference: Probably the World Series of Team Roping. I’ve been going pretty much since they started. I had taken a couple of years off. Now, with work and a family, that’s pretty much all I go to.

Rope of Choice: I like the Classic Heat, soft, head ropes.

Biggest Win: My most memorable win was probably the USTRC Regional Finals in Cheyenne, I believe in ’04, with Clyde Gasser. I think at the time it was the most money I’d won. I’d won a fair amount at jackpot ropings—saddles and stuff like that—but it was usually just locally. But, I think the biggest check I’ve won was at the WSTR Title Fights this year. (Scarlett won $20,860 with partner, Joey Rezzonico, in the #11.)

Your Favorite Roping: Really, the Title Fights have always been a favorite for me. I also really like to go to the World Series in Jackson Hole, Wyo. That’s my hometown. I’ve only gotten to go a couple of times, but I might make it again this year.

Best Horse You’ve Ever Rode: I had a sorrel horse, Sug, that I got when I was a #2 header in the old numbers. That’s the horse I won the Cheyenne Regionals on and I won some money on him at ProRodeos. He was 10 when I got him—he’s 26 or better now—and he’s still just hanging out in the pastures here at my house.

Why You Rope: I think it’s more of an addiction than anything. I think that’s the best way to explain it. I didn’t start roping until I was 18; I’m 35 now. I just decided it looked fun and I was going to try it. I used to fly fish every night, but once I started roping that’s about all I did.

Competition Philosophy: I think my biggest thing—I’ve kind of got to nerve myself up because I’ll be a little too relaxed and not near aggressive enough. Honestly, the Title Fights was probably the first time I really struggled with being nervous. It was by far the most mentally challenging team roping I’ve been to. Joey and I had been good on two and I had missed our third steer twice, at two of the biggest ropings, so when we were good on two there, of course that came into my mind. We ended up coming back 28 on three. I had come back 28 on three at the same roping last year, with a different guy, and had missed for him in the short round. While I usually have to make myself nervous, this year I had to fight all the other emotions not to be too nervous.

Tell me about your Family: My wife, Shannon, sells real estate in Arizona and I’ve got a son, Colton, who’s 8. My daughter, Claire, is 6, and my youngest daughter, Laini, is 4.

Tell me about your Real Job: I own my own company, Scarlett Fencing. Basically I’m a welder, but I build fence, custom barns and arenas—really, any type of metal structure.

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