What’s Your Number? With Steve Dismuke
Roper Steve Dismuke of Sandia Park, New Mexico

What’s Your Number? I’m a 5 Elite header.

Association of Preference: The World Series of Team Roping

Rope of Choice: The Natural by Fast Back.

Biggest Win: In the #12 at the World Series Finale a couple of years ago L.D. Hawkins and I won fourth. 

Your Favorite Roping: I dig that whole Las Vegas thing for the Finales. But other than that, it’d be at the Dynamite Roping in Queen Creek, Ariz.

Best Horse You’ve Ever Ridden: I calf roped and rodeoed a lot and I’ve ridden a lot of good horses. I’ve been real lucky. My current horse, Mojo, he’s as good as any horse I’ve ever ridden. He can score and run and he can really drop down his left leg and spin a steer correctly. He just does everything so right without a whole lot of effort from me. It allows me to just go rope and win. 

Why You Rope: I was raised roping and roped all my life. I roped calves, bulldogged and rodeoed and it’s just in my blood. As I’ve gotten older, with work there’s no time to rodeo and I just love what this team roping has done for a guy like me. I can work and spend time with family and I’m able to turn around and go to these events that are better than most rodeos I ever went to. I used to drive 1,000 miles for an $800 roping and now I can just hang out with my friends and run at a tremendous amount of money.

Competition Philosophy: There’s two things. One is, I try to have fun until that last 30 seconds. When I walk in that box, I take a deep breath and think about completely executing that run through the end. I look at my draw and I don’t worry about it until those last 30 seconds. Then, I have a routine in the box. I always tell myself as I’m starting to back up, “Lock and load.” Then it’s all about execution—not anything else. I had to learn that over a lot of rodeoing. That gets me by and I do real well with it now.

Tell me about your Real Job: I’ve owned a business for the last 22 years. We sell asphalt and concrete products in Albuquerque and we’ve branched out a little in Arizona.
Tell me about your family: I have an older daughter, Mackenzie, who is 21 years old and she’s about to have a little boy. I also have a 10-year-old boy, Jack William and a five-year-old daughter, Dylan Rose. My wife, Danielle, and I split our time between Sandia Park, N.M., and Cave Creek, Ariz. It’s a lot of fun. The kids are young, so they’re just starting, but they love horses. 

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