What’s Your Number? With Lincoln May

Number and end: I’m a #2 heeler

Age: I turned 14 in November

Association of Preference: I like the Wrangler Team Roping Championships, they focus on the lower-numbered ropers and give really good prizes away. And they’re the ones that are closer to where I live (Bigfork, Mont.) and they’re not as much money to enter.

Rope of Choice: I use the Spyder from Classic.

Biggest Win: Last October, I won a horse trailer at the WTRC Finals. I won the #2 Incentive in Deuces Wild?meaning both me and my partner were #1s.

Was your number raised after that win: Actually, they didn’t raise my number until I won my second saddle in January.

Best Horse You Ever Rode: The horse I have right now, Streak. I got him from one of the guys I rope with here in Montana.

Why You Rope: Being around friends and working my way up. I just hope to keep getting better and better and go to the National Finals someday.

Favorite Roping: Any of the WTRC ropings, I like them all, but probably the finals if I had to pick because it’s a week long.

Who are you heroes? Kory Mytty and Cy Murer have really helped me a lot. I started off heading and there were never enough heelers, so Jerry Duigren really helped me get going heeling.

Competition Philosophy: I don’t care what roping I’m at, I always just take the first shot I have when I’m in position, so I’m just working on getting in position faster. I rope the dummy a lot before I go anywhere.

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