World Champ Kollin VonAhn Answers Fan Questions

Heeler Kollin VonAhn joined the PRCA from Sac City, Iowa in 2006, and in just three years went on to earn a world championship with header Nick Sartain. Nick Sartain and Kollin VonAhn are off to a great start in 2012, and we caught up with Kollin VonAhn to ask him your questions during the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. If you’d like to have a pro like Kollin VonAhn answer your question next month, visit and join in the discussion.

Josh Yazzie: How do you keep your horse in position to get a fancy heel shot?

I get in the correct position going down the arena to where I can have enough width so I can see everything that’s going on. That lets me get in there really square around the corner. I like to let the steer start making the first move so I’m not getting too close or getting into the turn too early.

Kacee A. Waterhouse: What is it like being a small town guy from Iowa going big?

Shoot it’s great. It proves anybody can do anything they want to do if they keep their mind on it and work hard. It’s not like Iowa is the roping capital of the world, but no matter where you’re from or what you do, you can achieve your goal if you work hard enough.

Kaid Panek: What are your pre-roping rituals before you back in the box?

I wouldn’t say I’m superstitious, because I’m not, but I do not like running late. I like to really warm my horses up good. I like to ride a lot, I probably overdue it as much as anybody. I like to feel like my horse is rode down so that he’s going to respond to whatever I ask him to do. I like to have time to think about the set up and what kind of roping it is and make sure I have my horse rode down good enough.

Mark A. Hickey: What do you look for in a new horse?

I think conformation and breeding if he’s not a proven horse. Not that it’s a sure thing anyways, but if he’s conformationally really good I know he can physically do the task I want him to do. I really like to buy a really broke horse, though, and if I buy one that isn’t broke I make sure I get him there. If I start looking at finished horses, they need to really fit me. If they’re finished, the breeding and age and everything doesn’t really matter to me. I just want them proven at that point.

Steve Finney: What’s it like to date Angie Meadors?

Well it’s great. She is truthfully an awesome person and some people don’t realize she’s got a really good work ethic. She works hard, and our goals are both the same. We both want to do the same thing. It’s awesome, she’s great, and she’s fun to be around.

Jade Schmidt: How do you find your position in a fast setup where you need to be a 4 or 5?

To me the position is the same. Being a 4 or 5 is the same as an 8 second run, you just have to get to the spot quicker. As long as you can get to your spot on the steer going down the arena and not have to rush into the turn, that’s the goal. When you have to be 4 or 5 you don’t have the header slowing the steer down as much, so I don’t want to be behind at all. I’ve got to get out of the heel box quickly and not be late to get to that corner.

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