A Good Partner: The World Series ROPER
The new source for all-things World Series of Team Roping

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Over the past 10 years, the roping world has seen several shifts. The most significant and far-reaching change is the rise of the World Series of Team Roping. As the organization grew, a long-term friendship Spin To Win Rodeo enjoyed with WSTR founder, Denny Gentry, grew in to a more formal relationship. With an eye toward maintaining our independent status, we specifically created an addendum program for the World Series Finale in Las Vegas. That product is openly a WSTR coverage publication. Ropers loved it and we saw a chance to expand it to a quarterly format—which ought to be frequent enough to keep you up to speed. Through the World Series Roper, we’ll keep that independent voice but work to serve the specific needs of the recreational roper.

We’re honored to be able to offer this publication to the thousands of recreational ropers attending the WSTR ropings. It’s a natural, mutual step forward for Spin To Win’s relationship with the WSTR that we see fulfilling a need in the industry.

The World Series Roper will become the source for all things World Series-related. The editorial line-up will feature you, the roper. After all, it’s you who makes this sport’s world go around. It’s you buying horses, ropes, feed and plunking down entry fees. And when you win, we want to recognize your accomplishments. Each quarter, you’ll get updates from the WSTR, results and pictures from qualification events and profiles of the most interesting characters out there.

We couldn’t be more excited about our plans. With our perfect-for-the-job new editor Kari deCastro, and back up from WSTR’s Lacee and Audra Gentry, we anticipate developing a new product that every World Series team roper will love. As any team roper knows, there’s nothing better than a good partner.


Bob Welch

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