Olie Smith Wins 1995 TEC
Smith wins in 1995 with a no-time by KC Jones

This is the first in a 10-part series highlighting the 10 most memorable moments in the Lazy E Arena’s Timed Event Championship history. 

10. Sometimes the greatest moments have more to do with let-downs than triumphs. Think Scott Norwood’s “wide right” kick as time ticked away in Super Bowl XXV. Such was the scenario at the Timed Event Championship in 1995. K.C. Jones, who had taken the crown in 1993, was dominating the field going into the last round. His final run—the final run of the entire event, in fact—was in the steer roping. He took the equivalent of a no-time, a 60-second run, giving the win to steer wrestler Olie Smith, from Sonora, Texas. Smith was the 1985 Winston Tour Steer Wrestling champion, a 1985 National Finals Rodeo qualifier and won the $50,000 round at Calgary. Don’t feel too bad for Jones, though, he went on to win a total of five CTEC titles—a sum second only to Trevor Brazile’s seven. 

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