A Team Roper’s Random Act of Kindness
We received this note from our friend Susan Kanode this weekend. Susan manages rodeo media across the country, and she's as kind a soul as there is. Therefore, she understands the value of kindness shown, and she passed on some goodwill she and her family experienced at the hands of a professional team roper. Here's her letter.

From Susan:  

So, as you know I’m at Cody. And, I brought my Mom up here with me. She is 81 years old, and it is a blessing for me to bring her with me, that she wants to come and that she is able, but it is not without challenges.

In 2015, she had double knee replacement and while she does get around well, stairs and rough terrain can be difficult. She wanted to go to the Xtreme Bulls here, went up in contestant seating and had someone to help her down out of the stands. She sat with me for a bit, but really wanted to see the bull fights, so she ventured into the stands again. She sat in the stands, then a nice young man with young boy asked if he could sit in front of her. She said, “Of course you can if you’ll help me down from here later.”

He said, “Sure I will.” 

They started a conversation and that man was none other than Dustin Bird. Mom asked if he knew me, he said he didn’t think so (that doesn’t surprise me as a lot of people know my face, but not my name.) They talked about rodeos that he has been to and won and where he was from. Just general conversation.

When the bull fights were over, she was waiting for the crowd to thin out. His son was ready to go. She told him he could go on and another lady that helped her before would help. He said “No. I’m not leaving you, I’m helping you.”

He took her arm and hand and helped her off the bleachers. He wasn’t about to leave her until he knew she was on solid ground. 

“I think that if he needed to, he would have picked me up and carried me down the steps,” my mom said. “I didn’t need help going down the steps, but he waited at the bottom just to make sure I made it down okay and would have helped if needed.”

He gave my mom extra attention and care and made her experience here memorable. Mom felt such strength from him and appreciated him so much.

Thought you might want to pass this along to him,


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