There’s a New Bug in Town, and He’s Cleaning House

Known for their highly effective Fly Predators for fly control, “The little bug that does a big job,” Spalding Labs announced today the launch of Bye Bye Odor, a new kind of bug (actually a tiny microbe) that also does a big job, this time for odors. Bye Bye Odor is a safe natural microbial spray that will virtually eliminate urine and manure smells in barns, trailers, kennels and other confined spaces.

“Ever walked into a closed-up barn in the winter and been almost knocked over by the smell of ammonia and urine?” said Tom Spalding, CEO of Spalding Labs. “That’s a worst-case scenario, but the truth is virtually every barn in use by animals has that ammonia smell present to some degree from the urea in the urine. It’s almost certainly far worse than the owners think it is. It’s understandable… just like anything we’re exposed to, the longer we’re around it, the more accustomed to it we become. Unfortunately, in the case of barn smells, it’s to the detriment of our health, and especially that of our horses as they are exposed to it for much of the day.”

A quick daily spraying of Bye Bye Odor in the stall, kennel or trailer unleashes a proprietary multi-strain blend of four different microbes that “eat” the various smell components of urine and manure and convert it into compounds that don’t smell. Of special concern is ammonia, which in high concentrations is a significant health issue for both people and animals. Bye Bye Odor does not mask nor “absorb” odor, but actually consumes it, turning (for example) ammonia into NO2, a harmless nitrate which does not smell.

The microbes are similar to those you might find used in institutional cleaning, sewage treatment plants, or even the local pet store for urine odor control. The difference with Bye Bye Odor is twofold: first, the proprietary multi-strain blend of four synergistic microbes are specifically tailored to attack urine and manure odors. Second, Bye Bye Odor is distinguished by its high “Colony Forming Units” count, which is much greater than typical pet store deodorizer sprays. These CFUs essentially tell you how concentrated the solution is. Bye Bye Odor is significantly more dense with microbes, and is thus the most effective in consuming the smell from large animals like horses.

Bye Bye Odor is available ready to use in a 32 oz bottle for $11.95, which is perfect for small area cleanup of “mistakes” from dogs or marking by cats. For horses, the 4 oz ($19.95 MSRP) and 32 oz ($119.95 MSRP) bottles of concentrate, which respectively make 2.5 and 20 gallons in a pump-up sprayer, are suggested. The 4 oz concentrate can treat five full-time stalled horses for one month, while the 32 oz concentrate can treat 40 for a month.

Bye Bye Odor will launch into over 600 stores nationally as well as major mail order catalogs including Dover, Horse Health USA, Jeffers, SmartPak, Smith Bros, Valley Vet, and it can be ordered directly from Spalding Labs. For more information, please visit or call 1-866-228-1205

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