The Ultimate Kids Corrals

The Happy Toy Maker has introduced the ultimate set of kids corrals. The corrals are made of 3/8″ solid rod. There are six panels 8″ tall and 19″ long. There are five panels 8″ long and 8″ tall. The loading chute is 9″ long, 14″ tall and has 5 height settings for different height trucks. The loading chute can be personalized with names, brands and short messages using a computerized plasma torch to personalize each set to your needs. The set’s weight is 52 lbs. The wheels are wood made with a 2¼ hole saw.

The Happy Toy Maker wire welds the sets together and paints different colors, mainly almond or red. The portable set that is welded together has latches that are welded in so they cannot be lost. The price is $300 plus shipping.

The company also makes a set of panels that come apart. The 19″ panels are $15 each. The 8″ tall and 8″ long are $12 each. The loading chute is $125 with names and brands. The trailer to haul the panels is $50. So you can get as many as you want. The trailer can hold 12 long and 12 short panels and has a hitch on the back to pull the portable chute.

The company also offers a 16″ half top Easly trailer with a center gate, customizeable with a name in the side of the top and a brand in the front nose cone. A flat bed pickup that pulls the trailer is also in production that features a grease zert for a ball and will pickup a wood round bale and will also be able to have a cake box.

Finally, the company is making a straight deck cattle trailer and truck with a half gate and funnel gate in which the back axles slide.

A processing chute, with snake and tube will be available later in the year.

Finally, a rodeo arena with roping box that opens with springs and bucking chutes and a return alley is available now. It can also be personalized.

For more information, visit, email thehappytoymaker@, call Jerry Sims at (806) 433-2123, or write to Box 548, Happy, Texas, 79042.

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