Walking the Dog Team Roper Style

Travis Graves' walks his dogs team roper style.

They say the family that plays together stays together, and Travis, Tamika, Tee and True Graves—and one of two pooches who completes their tribe—are living proof. Yogi is a gamer, and has been teaching Tee and True all about timing cattle (and canines) during downtime at rodeos and ropings. Betty’s a poodle-prima donna mix, and is having no part of being a team roping training tool.

Good boy, Yogi! Lots of love after every run.

Swing Consistency with Travis Graves

“Yogi loves it,” said TG, who’s about to rope at his 13th Wrangler National Finals Rodeo since 2008, this year behind Dustin Egusquiza., and demands very little of Yogi on the happy-hopping front. “Betty never gets roped. She would never allow that.”

Tips: Spoke Length with Travis Graves

TG demands very little of Yogi on the happy-hopping front, so the Graves kids are learning all about navigating trotters, shufflers and occasional draggers. Yogi also gets love and hugs after every run, so everybody wins.

Tamika, Betty, Tee, True, Travis and Yogi Graves at the 2021 ProRodeo Tour Finale in Salinas.

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