Ask the Pros--Becoming a Heeler

Dear Clay,
I have been roping for about four years on the header side but I am trying to start on the heeling side and my horse always bows away for the steer and I have a hard time getting her into position to rope. Is there anything I can do to help her get in there?

Steve, Comanche, Texas

Dear Steve,
You need to set up a situation like with a lead steer or pull dummy or something just to slow it all way down to make the horse get into position quickly. The horse has to be broke well enough in the bridle and with your feet that you can move the horse around however you need to. Set up that type of scenario where everything is really slowed down, go slow and condition the horse over and over again until the horse relaxes and becomes comfortable enough for you to ride her into that position.

Clay O’Brien Cooper

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