Checking In from the Texas High School Finals
It's the time of year to bear down.

I guess it seems like we never stop around here, but jeez have we been busy lately. With all of Hope T’s celebrity (if you missed it, she’s on the cover of the Women’s Pro Rodeo News this month) we’ve been busy signing autographs left and right. 

Just kidding. We’ve been living it up–we just got back from a great trip to New Orleans to see Bruno Mars. That’s one of our favorite places, and the night life and even the daytime street life is just wild. It’s unbelievable to see how the city has rebounded from Hurricane Katrina, and it’s one of our favorite breaks from reality and the rodeo grind. Just to see all of the street acts and hear all of the music and eat all the food (our favorite) was a blast. 

We needed the small break––it seems like it’s been nonstop around here. I’m finishing my house, which has been an exhausting but completely rewarding process. I’ll probably share a picture or two when it’s all done and furnished, but safe to say we didn’t leave much out in this design. If you come to the Rafter L Arena for a lesson, you’ll have to check it out. 

Today I’m hanging out here in Abilene at the Texas High School Finals Rodeo. Dang, this time of year is intense for these kids. So many folks have been stopping by the house to get sharp heading into the Finals, and I’ve seen so much progress in horsemanship and roping ability since this time last year in so many of my students. It seems like everyone is going to have a great finals, and from what I’m seeing here already, I’m impressed. 

If you’re at the THSFR, I’ll be at the Roping Pen booth throughout the day visiting with folks. Stop by and say hey and check out all of the Cactus, Relentless and Nothin’ But Neck gear they’ve got. 

I’ll be speaking here in a few minutes in the Coliseum (at 12:45 pm CST) and at 4 for a seminar in the Big Country building. If you’re in town, stop by and say hey. 

Til next time, be blessed and #RopeLikeAGirl. 

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