Coming Through When the Money's Up

Are you one of those people who can team rope with the best of them at home, then falls to pieces when you get to the roping or rodeo? If so, you should look to the areas of confidence and commitment. If you can head or heel at home, and you head to the rodeo or roping fully prepared and knowing you truly took care of business, relax. You can do it. This is a battle you have with yourself, but you can overcome it if you’re dedicated and have done all you can do to put yourself in a winning position. Some people struggle more with their roping than others at the rodeos. They get beat down in competition early in their careers, and never seem to overcome that obstacle. They perceive that they’re losers, and that the winners drew better or rode a better horse. There’s nothing you can do about the draw, but if someone else is riding a better horse and practicing harder than you, they deserve to win. Get yourself mounted, practice hard and take your shot. Don’t hold yourself back with excuses. If you can do it at home, you’ve got what it takes. Just remember when you get there that you deserve to win, because you’re prepared.

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