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The Ground Driven Heel-O-Matic Trainer Now Available

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The mission at Heel-O-Matic has always been to provide the highest quality and affordable team roping training machines on the market. For the past sixteen years thousands of headers, heelers, trainers, horses and children have learned and benefited from Heel-O-Matic training systems.

Heel-O-Matic is proud to announce the release of the long awaited ground driven Heel-O-Matic Trainer. The Trainer is wheel driven without motors or batteries, yet with the same great features as the Heel-O-Matic PRO including a one-year warranty, lifelike hopping motion, life-size height and length with molded plastic head, neck, legs and body. Plus the Trainer features unbreakable, composite, quick release rubber horns, a wider spread from hocks to toes and a dally kit that allows heelers to dally just like on live cattle.

The Heel-O-Matic Trainer can be pulled by four-wheeler, horse, riding lawn mower, and vehicles; or be roped from a stationery position. The Trainer has three different hopping speed pulleys that allow for fast hops at a slow speed, medium hops and slower hops at a fast speed. Being ground driven, the faster you drive, the faster the Trainer will hop.

For the quickest and safest way to learn and practice roping or train horses, join the thousands of satisfied Heel-O-Matic customers with your choice of a training system today. With a choice of battery powered or ground driven, Heel-O-Matic has the "Perfect Practice" system for you.

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