Saddle Pads for Hope


The folks at Team Equine-like everyone-were confronted with breast cancer within their circle of loved ones. Wanting to show their support for combating the disease and provide a personalized way of tribute, they developed a program called “Saddle Pads for Hope.”

Like most of Team Equine’s products, inserts (from wool to closed-cell) are removeable and interchangeable within the blanket due to a Velcro opening at the back of the blanket. The Saddle Pad for Hope is a solid pink blanket from the Durango and Solid Barrel Racer collections and comes standard with black leather wears and a custom “Saddle Pads for Hope” patch set. What’s more, each pad can be customized in tribute to a loved one.

“We weren’t doing this to step on anyone else’s efforts in the industry,” Justen O’Dell, General Manager for Team Equine said. “We’ve all been affected by this and we wanted to do our part as a company.”

The pads are manufactured at the Mollala, Ore., plant and sold to benefit breast cancer research and toward the goal of finding a cure. For each pad purchased at $185, Team Equine Saddle Pad Company will donate $15 in your name-or a name of your choice-to your local, nationally recognized breast cancer foundation.

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