Stay Driven and The Ultimate Team Roping Gift Box

Patrick Smith’s STAY DRIVEN is the ultimate team roping instructional video, exploring the partnership element of the richest recreational sport in the world. For a limited time, purchase Patrick Smith’s Stay Driven on and receive the ultimate team roping gift box from some of Patrick’s sponsors. From your choice of a Lone Star Rope, to a Roper Apparel discount, to a 30-day supply of Equinety and more, this is the only gift you need to get this holiday season!

What's Coming
Our Pros started with the expertise of the late Rickey Green, seven-time World Champions Jake Barnes and Clay O’Brien Cooper, and two-time World Champion Matt Sherwood. In 2021, Trevor Brazile, Patrick Smith and Miles Baker joined the team, rolling out even more mind-blowing training and roping content than ever before. New coaches like Rhen Richard, Jeremy Buhler, Joseph Harrison, Wesley Thorp, Ryan Motes, Dustin Egusquiza, Travis Graves and more join them every month to expand our ever-growing library.
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