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Clay Tryan


Right-Hand Circle Drill with Clay Tryan

How to use a machine to keep your horse running to the steer, even when he steps right.


A Smooth Start Plus A Smooth Handle Equals A Fast Run with Tom Richards

How smoothing out your start and your handle will speed up your runs.

Team Roping Tips

The Unexpected Perks of Smaller Head Horses

5 Flat with Zane Bruce

Team Roping Tips

6 Steps to Winning The Wildfire XXI with Jake Long

Back-to-back Wildfire Champion Heeler Jake Long talks through the six runs that netted him and Clay Smith $30,000 at the Wildfire XXI in Hamilton, Texas.

Team Roping Tips

Creating the Perfect Corner with Clay Logan

Using horsemanship to build a corner with your heel horse that makes catching easy.


5 Steps on Maintaining Control with Casey Hicks

Keeping your head horse in control is key to smooth runs.


Fixing A Climber with Kolton Schmidt

Keeping your head horse running flat across the arena.


Staying Hooked with Junior Nogueira

5 Flat with Junior Nogueira on staying hooked when a steer goes down in front of your horse.


5 FLAT with Clay Tryan & Diane Andrus

Covering Both Horns on Hard Running Horses

Patrick Smith


Developing a Good Stop with Patrick Smith

Getting your horse's slide right with two-time World Champion Patrick Smith

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