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Inner Strength

Rodeo Regrets from 8 Team Roping Pros

Renowned ropers gather their reflections on moves they wish they hadn’t made.

Inner Strength

Helping Your Children Develop Vision For Their Roping

Developing vision for your child's roping as a parent.

Team Ropers

Big Al Bach Rocks Romance Rodeo-Style on Valentine’s Day

How Allen and Peggy Bach keep the romance alive through rodeoing.

Editor's Notes

Hats off to ProRodeo Hall of Famer Allen Bach

Team Ropers

The Allen Bach Factor: Luke Brown and Paul Eaves

Behind the Allen Bach Factor with Luke Brown and Paul Eaves.

Editor's Notes

The Greatest Mares of All-Time: An Introduction

Some insights into the making of The Team Roping Journal's March 2019 issue from editor Chelsea Shaffer.

Team Roping News

Remembering One of the Greatest Heel Horses of All-Time: Jackyl, c.1989—2018

Jackyl carried Travis Graves, Tyler Magnus, Kory Koontz, Michael Jones, Jade Corkill and Jim Ross Cooper millions of miles to major championships across three decades. He died at the end of December 2018.

Editor's Notes

How One Mare Changed a Few Careers in One Run

From our October 2018 issue of The Team Roping Journal, a recounting of Derrick Begay riding Clay Tryan's late, great Cate.

Kory Koontz 2005 NFR Jackly

Rope Horses

The Four Horses

The Greatest Mounts of Kory Koontz’s Heeling Career

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