CD Rockstar

The Emperor’s New Groove: Cutting Icon Winston Hansma's Venture into Team Roping
How National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Famer Winston Hansma is finding a new passion in team roping with the help of some top-notch roping talent.
Ryan Motes’ Rockstar Rebounds from Near-Death Pneumonia Just in Time for NFR
Motes' Rockstar came back strong from Pneumonia scare to make it to the 2019 Wrangler NFR.
Motes' Rocky Beats Brutal Case of Pneumonia to Make Last-Minute NFR Trip
Ryan Motes didn't know if he'd ever heel a steer on his great horse CD Rockstar again. Thanks to the never-give-up attitude of great vets and Motes' wife, Courtney, "Rocky" is back,
Motes Riding High Into 2019 Summer Run on Full Brother to His Great Horse of the Year
Ryan Motes' CD Rockstar—a.k.a. Rocky—has been in his big brother Starbucks' shadow his whole career. In 2019, the 16-year-old gelding finally has his chance to shine on ProRodeo's biggest stages.