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Heeling Donkeys Part 2: What Makes a Good Heeling Donkey

What makes a good heeling donkey?

Team Roping Tips

Heeling Donkeys Part 1: The Benefits of a Heeling Donkey

Are you using a heeling donkey? Clay O'Brien Cooper has some tips for using one in the practice pen.

As a header, I judge my handles on how easy I make it on my heeler. TRJ File Photo


Handling Steers & Helping Your Heeler

Jake Barnes on the importance of handling steers well.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Successful Team Ropers Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Ropers of every shape and size can reach heading, heel with the best, be fast at both ends and be consistent.

Team Roping News

Ward & Hawkins Rewrite Jake & Clay’s NFR Average Record

Code Cracked After 27 Years.

Team Roping Tips

Yes, Your Heel Horse Needs to Break at the Poll. Here’s How.

Clay O'Brien Cooper explains how to get your heel horse to break at the poll.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

The Process of How We Learn with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper shares details on the process of how we learn in team roping.

Jake Barnes and Clay O’Brien Cooper have 56 National Finals Rodeo qualifications and seven NFR average wins between them. They won Rodeo’s Super Bowl together in three different decades—in 1985, 1994 and 2007. Dan Hubbell Photo


There is No Single Path to Success in Team Roping or Life

How you succeed in roping and in life depends on the gifts you have and how you choose to use them.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Clay O’Brien Cooper: Diversification is Smart Business for Your Future

Clay O'Brien Cooper's lesson for team ropers to start young at developing a mindset of diversification and capitalizing on your successful earning years.

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

When the Champ Talks, We Listen: NFR Round 7 Cheat Sheet

Seven-time PRCA World Champion Heeler Clay O'Brien Cooper hasn't missed a night of the 2021 NFR team roping, and he's saved the videos and watched each run on repeat. Here are his thoughts with four rounds to go.

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