CSI Tips

How to Clean Your CSI Saddle Pad
4 Steps to Cleaning your CSI Saddle Pad
Owner and Founder Donna Saddoris walks your through the four steps for cleaning your pad to extend its life.
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Selecting The Right CSI Saddle Pad Liner for Your Horse
CSI Saddle Pads offers three different types of liners to customize your saddle fit.
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How to Use CSI Saddle Pad Shims
CSI Saddle Pads offers two shims to benefit different body types to decrease soreness for maximum comfort.
Choosing the Pad for You with CSI Saddle Pads
CSI Saddle Pads offers different types of saddle pads in 30" or 32" length, with customizable options.
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What You Didn’t Know About CSI Saddle Pads
With over 17 years in business, CSI Saddle Pads offers innovative technologies to outlast other brands to keep your horse comfortable.
Here To Help: CSI Saddle Pads
CSI Saddle Pads solutions to help fit your horse to maximize comfort for all disciplines.
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How to Take Photos to Send Into CSI Saddle Pads
Owner and Founder Donna Saddoris explains how to take photos of your horse before sending them into CSI Saddle Pads for evaluation.
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True Test: Testing Saddle Pad Pressure
Testing the different pressures a horse may feel through each type of saddle pad material verses the CSI Saddle Pads flexplate.
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The Causes of Muscle Atrophy with CSI Saddle Pads
Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist Rhonda Martin solves the common problem of muscle atrophy. Look for four signs that may indicate your horse’s muscles are tight.
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