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No Thumb, No Problem

Brayden Chee overcame a roping accident to persevere in Las Vegas, roping, catching and winning with his hand in a splint.

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Avoid These Mistakes When Roping the Ground Dummy

Common mistakes when roping the ground dummy—and how to fix them before they become bad roping habits.

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Getting the Most Out of a Dummy Roping Session

Fine-tune your roping skills in just 15 minutes of practice on the dummy.

Nick Sartain Heel-O-Matic


Fix Your Shouldering Heel Horse

The Heel-O-Matic allows me to separate my roping from my horsemanship, breaking things down into manageable parts that I can address one at a time. Here’s how I work on a heel horse that wants to be strong through the turn.

Dummy Roping

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Understanding Angles When Reaching on the Dummy

In this instructional video, two-time World Champion header Clay Smith goes over the angles necessary when reaching.

Clay Smith Win-A-Day

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Putting English on Your Loop: Keeping Your Loop on Little Horned Steers

In this video, World Champion Clay Smith explains what it means to put English on his delivery to keep from waving it off.

Dummy Roping Clay Smith


Full Ground Dummy Roping Session with Two-Time World Champion Header Clay Smith

Get a full dummy roping lesson from two-time World Champion Clay Smith in this instructional video brought to you by ADM Animal Nutrition.


Getting It Right: Rogers’ Dummy-Roping Checklist

Erich Rogers takes a step back with his roping by going back to the basics of team roping on the dummy.

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